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What is QUAD9 Technology

Last Updated : 22 May, 2020
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The QUAD9 is an emerging technology that provides free security service to protect users from accessing the overwhelming malware, botnet infrastructure, malicious domain servers, etc. Anchoring threat intelligence from multiple industry top companies. It is an effective and easy way to add an additional layer of security to your infrastructure for free. Currently, It blocks up to two million threats per day.


QUAD9 is basically developed due to unable to many of the DNS resolver hadn’t enough power to detect and remove the malicious activity associated with servers. It is a nonprofit organization developed by IBM security, in collaboration with Packet Clearing House (PCH), Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and many other cybersecurity organizations for the purpose of operating a privacy-and-security-centric public DNS resolver.

QUAD9 Technology

How does QUAD9 works:

The QUAD9 security system has an ability by which a computer translates the IP addresses into readable websites. It has an extra layer of protection, by which the security configurations target for distributed denial of malware attacks. If the security system detects that site in which you want to access is malicious, it automatically blocks your system to reach on that particular site containing malicious information.

IP addresses in QUAD9

  • IPv4 address :
  • IPv6 address:
  • Port Numbers
    DNS over TLS --> port 853
    DNS over HTTPS --> port 443
    DNSCrypt --> port 443

How to configure QUAD9

QUAD9 requires a simple configuration method by which you can make a change in your existed DNS service. For that, we have to apply a change in your DNS setting, by putting IP address “” as depend on your IP address type.
The exact configuration will depend on your network configuration. Quad9 has provided detailed guidance on the installation through YouTube guides for both Mac OS and Windows.

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