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What is an Email?

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Email stands for Electronic Mail. It is a method to sends messages from one computer to another computer through the internet. It is mostly used in business, education, technical communication, document interactions. It allows communicating with people all over the world without bothering them. In 1971, a test email sent Ray Tomlinson to himself containing text. 

It is the information sent electronically between two of more people over a network. It involves a sender and receiver/s.

Why use E – Mail?

An email is communication that happens in real time and can get important data across to people in various geographies. An email is a record of the communications that has happened and is stored in the server of the organization. One has to be very cautious while typing out a mail.

History of Email

The age of email services is older than ARPANET and the Internet. The early emails were only sent to the same computer. Email services started in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. He first developed a system to send mail between users on different hosts across the ARPANET, using @ sign with the destination server and was recognized as email. 

Difference between Email and Webmail

To differentiate between email and webmail, we need to know that it’s a working platform. Those types of mail that are sent through the browser are called webmail and those mails that are sent through the specific application and browser are also called email. Gmail is a browser-based email whereas outlook for office 365 is a non-browser email service. To send browser-based mail, we just use the internet whereas sending non-browser emails, we need a specific application and non-browser-based email offered some security-related advantages. 

Uses of Email

Email services are used in various sectors, organizations, either personally, or among a large group of people. It provides an easy way to communicate with individuals or groups by sending and receiving documents, images, links, and other files. It also provides the flexibility of communicating with others on their own schedule. 

Large or small companies can use email services to many employees, customers. A company can send emails to many employees at a time. It becomes a professional way to communicate. A newsletters service is also used to send company advertisements, promotions, and other subscribed content to use advertisements, promotions. 

Types of Email


It is a type of email sent by an individual or company to the subscriber. It contains an advertisement, product promotion, updates regarding the organization, and marketing content. It might be upcoming events, seminars, webinars from the organization. 

Onboarding emails

It is an email a user receives right after subscription. These emails are sent to buyers to familiarize and tell them about to use a product. It also contains details about the journey in the new organization. 


These types of emails might contain invoices for recent transactions, details about transactions. If transactions failed then details about when the amount will be reverted. We can say that transaction emails are confirmation of purchase. 

Plain-Text Emails

These types of emails contain just simple text similar to other text message services. It does not include images, videos, documents, graphics, or any attachments. Plain-text emails are also used to send casual chatting like other text message services. 

Advantages of Email Services

These are the following advantages of email services:

Easy and Fast:

Composing an email is very simple and one of the fast ways to communicate. We can send an email within a minute just by clicking the mouse. It contains a minimum lag time and can be exchanged quickly. 


Email services are a secure and reliable method to receive and send information. The feature of spam provides more security because a user can easily eliminate malicious content. 

Mass Sending:

We can easily send a message to many people at a time through email. Suppose, a company wants to send holiday information to all employees than using email, it can be done easily. The feature of mail merge in MS Word provides more options to send messages to many people just by exchanging relevant information. 

Multimedia Email:

Email offers to send multimedia, documents, images, audio files, videos, and various types of files. We can easily attach the types of files in the original format or compressed format. 

Disadvantages of Email Services

Malicious Use:

Anyone can send an email just by knowing their email address. An anonymous user or unauthorized person can send an email if they have an email address. The attachment feature of the email be the major disadvantage of it, hackers can send viruses through email because sometimes the spam feature unable to classify suspicious emails. 


In days email services improve this feature. To improve this feature sometimes some important email is transferred into spam without any notification. 

Time Consuming:

Responding through an email takes more time rather than other message services like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Email is good for professional discussion but not good for casual chatting. 

Popular Email Services

These are some popular email services:


Gmail is the world’s most used email service provided by Google. Today, more than 1.5 billion active users worldwide. It is a web-based email service available on various devices. It supported email clients via the POP and IMAP protocols. Gmail is like other mail services, we can send and receive emails, block spam, create an address book, and perform other basic email tasks.

To access Gmail, we need a Google account. It is just like many services offered by Google by registered users. The creation of a new Google account is free for everyone. The domain of Gmail is where Xyz is your unique username. 


Outlook is also a popular webmail service founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as Hotmail later in 1997 acquired by Microsoft. It is older than Gmail. Like other webmail services, Outlook supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and later versions of Internet Explorer. It has more features like keyboard controls ability that provide more facility to the users. 

To access Outlook, we need an Outlook account. It is free to create an account and sending mail. It also operates other Microsoft applications like Microsoft Word, Power BI, etc. The domain of Outlook is where the abc is our unique username. 

Some other popular Email services are hotmail, yahoomail, Protonmail, Zohomail, etc.

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Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2022
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