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12 Best URL Shorteners for 2023

Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2023
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Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing URLs on your website? Well, the good news is that there are now several tools available online, known as URL shorteners, which can help make this easy. These tools can take long and unwieldy links and turn them into much more manageable versions – perfect for sharing across different digital channels. But with all the options available these days, how do you select the best URL shortener for your needs in 2023? 

In this article, we’ll explore exactly that; taking a close look at the 12 best URL shorteners that are currently available so that you can decide which one works best for you!

Best URL Shorteners 2023


What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that helps in creating unique and short URL which redirects you to the main website. These tools help in making complicated URLs shorter and simpler. It redirects you to the exact page for which you have shortened the link. 

Importance of URL Shortening Tools:

These are a few important aspects of using URL-shortening tools:

  • Helps in keeping the URL short and trustworthy 
  • Supports in creating custom-branded URLs
  • Provides a quick reference for making easy-to-read links
  • Helps in tracking the performances of the newly created links
  • Helps in the customization of content based on specific information
  • By shortening the links you can also get into the character limit on social media

12 Best URL Shorteners for 2023

1. Bitly – A Popular URL Shortener

Bitly is a popular URL shortener used by people, businesses, and organizations around the world. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to take long URLs and make them much shorter without sacrificing any information. This makes it easier for users to share links in limited spaces such as social media posts or email messages. 


  • Tracking where a visitor came from, so post creators can refine their campaigns to promote more effectively across digital channels
  • Keep track of the health of any given link, so users can be sure they are sharing working links with the world

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free 
  • Paid version upgradation starting from- $35/month

2. TinyURL – The First URL Shortening Service

TinyURL was a revolutionary development when it debuted in 2002, offering easily generated and shareable links that were much shorter than standard URLs. It immediately gained popularity, particularly since it could be used to bypass restrictive firewalls and share long links over email or instant messaging services. 

While other URL-shortening services have been developed since its inception, TinyURL remains the most widely used and trusted platform for link-sharing. Even now, most social networks use some kind of URL shortening service to effectively share links on their platforms. As such, TinyURL can easily be credited as the first service responsible for making our link-sharing activity shorter and simpler—a true success story!


  • Helps in the creation of bulk links (Starts at $99 per month)
  • Provides you with the full link history
  • The links created never gets expired

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free
  • Pro- Starting at $9.99 for 500 active URLs
  • Bulk- Starting at $99 per month with 100,000 APIs

3. Rebrandly – Create Branded URLs with Custom Domains

Rebrandly is a powerful digital tool to create custom-branded URLs. This service streamlines website navigation and promotes business branding by allowing users to customize their URL address with their own domain, allowing for better visibility and credibility amongst customers. 

It is an extremely useful tool for businesses of any size and industry, as it adds a layer of personalized branding to web links that can be easily tracked, edited, managed, or shared across all major social media platforms. With the ability to engage customers in a focused yet simple way, Rebrandly makes it easier than ever before to increase your online presence without spending extra time or money.


  • Helps in the automation of link branding with APIs
  • Allows fast link redirection up to 301 

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free
  • Starter- $24 per month 
  • Pro- $75 per month
  • Premium- $416 per month

4. Google URL Shortener (Google) – Trusted by Google

The Google URL Shortener (Google) has earned its place of trust with the venerable search engine giant thanks to its streamlined and secure services. 

The end-to-end encryption protects your URL data from any outside interference while making sure you don’t have to worry about manually entering long URLs anymore. With a user-friendly interface that is simple to understand and use, it’s easy to see why Google has trusted them with such an important aspect of their business. 

5. – Easy to Use and Share Links Across Platforms makes sending and sharing links across multiple platforms unbelievably easy! No more copying and pasting lengthy website addresses, now it takes just moments to securely send a link to any friend or colleague. It’s even possible to preview shared links before clicking through, so you won’t experience the anticipation of a blocked website – no surprises here! 

And with the ability to shorten links for instant sharing across all devices – web, text message, or email – it’s no wonder that is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for anyone who wants smooth, speedy access to their favorite online resources.


  • Allows the scheduling of unlimited posts
  • Provides you with access to messages in your inbox
  • Can be integrated with numerous content applications

Mode of Payment: 

  • 30 days free trial
  • Professional- ₹1,915 per month 
  • Team- ₹7540 per month
  • Premium- ₹45000 per month

6. IsGD– Simple, Fast & Free Link Shortening Tool

IsGD is an incredibly useful tool for streamlining long and cumbersome web links. It simplifies website addresses, making them easier to share through social media or other internet avenues. This free link-shortening service only requires a few clicks, and it results in an address that adds convenience and professionalism to any communication need. 

Plus, since IsGD links are reliable and secure, they don’t require any tracking measures of the user— this means one can share links with personal contacts without compromising their privacy at all. 


  • Provides you with the option of getting your hyperlink as a QR code
  • Allows you to start with short numbers hence you can add whatever you want

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free
  • Paid version upgradation available

7. Blvk – Generate QR Codes for Your Links Quickly and Easily

If you’re a digital marketer, small business owner, or “influencer” of any kind on social media, then Blvk has you covered when it comes to quickly and easily generating QR codes. 

With their user-friendly platform, you can generate scannable code in just seconds. That way, if you need to share a link with someone but don’t want them to have to type in the URL manually, all they have to do is scan the code, and voila! It’s one less step that separates them from your message. Plus, it looks much more professional and modern compared to a standard URL. 

8. T2Mio – Automatically Track Clicks on Your Shared Links 

T2Mio is a revolutionary new tool that makes it easier than ever to track visits and clicks on your shared links. With T2Mio, tracking the performance of your shared links is automated and efficient – just enter or paste in the link, and you’ll be able to monitor who clicked on it and when! 

Since it’s powered by a powerful machine learning engine, you can trust T2Mio to provide real-time insights with up-to-date information. With such reliable data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into how your content is engaging readers and adjust your strategy accordingly – all without lifting a finger!


  • Customization of URLs
  • Helps in deleting previously shortened URLs

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free- 15 days
  • Basic- $4- free for only one time
  • Standard: $7.49 per month
  • Pro: $22.49 per month
  • Premium: $67.49 per month 
  • Dedicated: Custom pricing

9. Polr- Make Private or Public URLs in Seconds 

Creating a custom link is easier than ever with Polr. This innovative web app empowers users to generate secure, memorable URLs in just seconds. Whether your goal is to craft a private URL for internal use or a public one that can be shared with a wider audience, Polr meets all of your needs quickly and conveniently. 

Not only is creating your own link simple, but you’ll also have the ability to customize and track it so you can measure success. With no steep learning curve, elevated user experience, and plenty of advanced features, Polr has revolutionized how we share custom links!


  • Modern interface for managing the links properly
  • Helps in changing or tweaking the code as per your needs

10. CuttLy- Get Detailed Analytics of Your Shared Links

CuttLy is a powerful tool for those looking to get detailed analytics of their shared links. It provides a simple and fast way to track clicks and analyze the performance of your links in real-time, to understand which sources drive the most traffic. 

CuttLy also allows you to shorten lengthy URLs, customize how the link appears on users’ screens, view data related to geographic location and visits over time, and more. With this amazing platform, businesses can quickly build effective marketing strategies with accurate data-driven insights into their online presence.


  • Tailored subscription plan that can be tailored according to your need
  • Helps in effective management of short and track links 

Mode of Payment: 

  • Free
  • Single- $25 per month 
  • Team- $99 per month
  • Team Enterprise- $149 per month

11. AdFocUs- Monetize your links with Ads

The best way to start monetizing your links is with AdFocUs. It allows you to easily add high-paying ads to your content and link them with customers from all around the world. From there, advertisers will compete for the chance to place their ads on your site and you get paid when an ad is clicked by visitors. 

No matter what kind of link or data you’re putting out into the world, AdFocUs allows you to make money while connecting with potential customers. Get started today and start earning money quickly without having to worry about complicated setup processes or intrusive advertisements.

12. Vurl– Create Customizable Vanity URLs for Branding Purposes

Vurl is a smart, brand-friendly tool for businesses to create their own personalized and customizable vanity URLs. Whether you’re updating the URL of an existing website or creating a new one from scratch, Vurl provides a handy platform for customizing your URLs in line with your branding needs. You can quickly create memorable, easy-to-remember, and keyword-optimized addressing for web content visitors can easily access. 

Parting Words

URL shorteners are a great way to make long, complicated URLs more manageable and shareable. There are many different options available, each with its own set of features that can be tailored to your needs. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best URL shorteners for 2023 so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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