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Walmart Labs Interview Experience | Set 16 (For Experienced)

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Round 1: Online Round on Hacker Earth. Two questions were given –
  1. Given a string consisting only of A and B. Find the maximum length substring which is repeated exactly twice and is non overlapping.
  2. Given a positive Integer, find no of ways in which consecutive natural no.s can be added to get this no. Example – N = 15. Ans – 3 ( (1,2,3,4), (4,5,6), (7,8))
Round 2: This was the problem solving round. Three questions were asked in this round –
  1. Given an array which represents price of a share on different days, you can either purchase one share on a day or sell all the shares which you had previously bought. Find the maximum profit. Was asked to write code for this.
  2. Given an 2D matrix and two different points (i1,j1) , (i2,j2). Find the sum of all elements which are there in the rectangle made by these points. You can safely assume that these points always make a rectangle. Was asked to write code for this.
  3. Design a data structure which supports below operations in O(1) time –
    1. Insert
    2. Delete
    3. isPresent
    4. getRandomElement ( This is not required to be random, you can always return any or same element from the existing elements).
Round 3: This round was for testing java skills and code writing ability. Was asked to write codes for the following –
  1. Find if there is a loop in a linked list. Also its starting point.
  2. Find pivot in a rotated and sorted array.
Round 4: Hiring manager round. Was asked to design bitly kind of url shortening application. Other questions were related to my previous work experience. Thank you GeeksforGeeks for helping me during my interview preparation. 🙂

Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2019
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