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VMware Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Nov, 2019
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First, there was an online test that includes various sections like

  1. Aptitude, Verbal, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. (Total time 10 mins)
  2. Technical MCQs of Operating System DBMS data structures and Algorithms. (Total time 30 mins)
  3. Coding Test having one problem which can solve in any language but the problem was quite lengthy but easy to keep up overall time. (Total time 30 mins)
  4. It was the language section in which we need to choose 2 languages from C, C++ java and python on that there were 5 MCQ type questions. (Total time 90 mins)

After a few days team came for the interviews. On the first day, the Ppt and Result of the written round were declared and I was shortlisted. Around 30 Students got shortlisted from 120 Students. Next Day, we visit for the interview and it consisted of four rounds.

Round 1: Technical Interview
I entered the room, after greetings and some basic questions he asked me some puzzles like

  1. Tell me the number, he describes me the Armstrong no. and give a no. say 371 and told me to find nearest Armstrong no. but he didn’t tell me it’s an Armstrong no.
  2. Another puzzle was of matchstick. In these you have 10 boxes of match sticks were given and all the match sticks were of 1 gram each and each box has 10 match sticks. One of the matchboxes has a matchstick of 1.1 gram each, weighing machine was given and we need to find out that 11 grams matchstick box in one weight.

Next he asked me about some Java questions, like abstract classes and interfaces when we use both, and a question related to it, some example related to mobile manufacturer and its vendors, some os questions and one programming question which again was an easy one and I did it in o(n) which was an optimized solution
He asked me about single-core multicore and quad-core processors and asked me about synchronous and asynchronous things and confuse me for parallelism and asynchronous processes. He also asked me about multithreading in java then comes processes and programs. He also asked me about some Computer network questions, at last, he asked me about MySQL and some queries and joins in SQL and asked me to explain all joins in SQL. How it works, and it’s done for the day.

Round 2: Technical Interview
There was another round, in these again technical questions were asked. First the programming questions

  1. She gave me an array and asked me to find the minimum difference between any two-element in it.
  2. Check for balanced parentheses in an expression
  3. Then she came to java question made an interface and two classes which implements that interface, and made an ArrayList in another class which has the object of interface and asked me is it correct or not.
  4. She asked about synchronous and asynchronous programs and specifiers in Java.

Round 3: TechnoManagerial Interview
Here comes the third round where the managers took our interview which consists of some technical and Some HR questions and some Managerial questions like why you made resume of one page only try to check my attitude in such scenarios, also asked me how I study new technologies and some cross-questioning is there. He wanted me to ask questions and clear before doing anything.

One basic programming question was asked in which

  1. I need to write code for printing 1-100 it seems to be easy but I forgot to ask them what will be the output whether there will be spaces between or it will print on another line. so it is important in an interview to ask these type of questions. And he asked to change the same code without changing the condition that print 1-100 in reverse order.
  2. He also asked about my last year’s project my teammates and my contributions in the project and some examples where it can be used.

some general talks and it’s done. As every round is an elimination round. I am not sure whether I had cleared the round or not. But fortunately, I did. After some time when all the students have their interviews, they called me for HR INTERVIEW which was the last round.

Round 4: HR Round
HR asked me some general questions earlier offers and about my background etc. and it’s done. And around 6 students got selected 5 for internship and one for internship and full-time role both.

Tip: Be confident, don’t be nervous keep up a smile on your face and answer wisely. Be yourself every time you don’t pretend to be fake. every company tries to check inner you. and clears everything with them, if you got stuck somewhere, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Do ask and clear everything.

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