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UHG(United Health Group) Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2016
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It was a on campus placement.

First the usual, they took a ppt and introduced themselves and the company to all of us. This lasted for around 30 min and shortly after the process began.

The first round was an aptitude round with a time limit of 45 min and 30 multiple choice questions in total. The questions in the start were independent and like the ones available on indiabix but the later ones were in paragraph of two to three questions. The difficulty level for the initial question was moderate but the time required was really less for attempting all the questions, thus only questions in reach had to be tried, there was negative marking too.

The second round was the coding round and the code had to be written on paper. And the space was limited thus practice of writing code on paper was important, using a pencil would be good (which I did not know at that time) I was also for 45 min with 3 questions
1.(easy) Related to file input and writing back into it.
2.(easy) an array with number were given and another array with same length contained the indexes of corresponding elements in the previous array. We had to rearrange the elements in the first array according to the their indexes given in the second array with min. Space possible.
3.(moderate) timings of a bus departure and arrival were given for a particular bus depot and the min no. Of bus stands required had to be computed.

The outcome was mostly decided by the aptitude test as most of the people did the coding part.

Then after shortlisting, there were two interview rounds and a hr round.

In the first interview round the interviewer asked me about the projects that I had mentioned in my CV. He asked me many questions on databases and sql queries as my project was using a pgsql database. He asked me a few networking questions based on my other project. Then he gave me a fictional computer center management system and asked me to develop tables required for it and kept on adding functionalities to it, then he turned to computer architecture and asked a few questions related to it as we spoke about specs of computers in the cc man. Sys. This interview lasted for little over an hour.

In the second round of interview the questions were related to my most frequently used language, which he asked for Java. The questions were very basic and about Java itself like – about classes, object, the system class, it’s interaction with the system, objects compared to real life and some things about constructors and methods. Later he asked some basic algo and asked to write it in Java. This lasted for around half an hour.

Finally there was a HR round, for around 20 min and he asked questions like what did I disliked about the interview process, would I be an entrepreneur, how was my day!, about my college and school, etc. I think it did not matter much as everyone who passed the second round of interview was selected. ?

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