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UHG(United Health Group) Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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UnitedHealth Group visited our college this year for hiring full time software developers.
CGPA cut-off- 7.0/10

Hiring process:
1) Analytical aptitude (Written).
2) Technical aptitude (Written).
3) Coding question (included in Technical apti).
4) Technical interview 1 (F2F).
5) Technical interview 2 (F2F).
6) HR interview.

Analytical aptitude – 30 questions 45 minutes. Questions were a bit tricky and needed to be solved fast. There was negative marking for wrong answers (+1 for correct and -0.5 for each wrong answer).
Technical aptitude – 20 MCQs+4 coding questions 45 minutes.
MCQs were based on DS, Networking and OS.

Coding questions
1) Find the largest palindrome in a given string.
2) Implement queue using two stacks.
3) Find the middle element of the linked lists in a single pass (you can only traverse the list once).
4) N numbers ranging From 1 to N are given, there is exactly one number missing and exactly one is repeated find the repeated and missing number.
29 applicants out of 77 got selected for the next round.

Technical interview 1
1) He asked me about my achievements, interests and hobbies.
2) Then he asked me to explain all the codes that I had written in technical round.
3) Thorough discussion on my project (I derived all the equations, graphs and diagrams), applications of my project, my role if I was working in a team.
4) Later he gave me a numerical problem based on my project.
5) He asked me to design a modern car (its block diagram) with all the functions I could imagine, after 20 minutes I had to explain its working and discussion on more advancement that I could’ve used.
6) Do you have any question for me? (Always ask a question never miss this opportunity)

Technical interview 2
Interviewer was very friendly this time.
1) Introduce yourself.
2) How would you solve a Sudoku? (He asked me to give an algorithm because I told him that I like to solve the puzzles) I solved it using the concept of backtracking.
3) Design a future washing machine (Block diagram).
4) Write an algorithm for traffic light control (all the roads are two way roads).
5) Do you have any questions?

HR interview –
1) Tell me about your family background?
2) What are your strengths?
3) Give me an example where you used your strength to handle a tough situation.
4) Are you a team player?
5) What kind of roles you played each time when you worked in a team?
6) Discussion on an app which I developed.
7) Are you going to apply for any other company after getting this job ?
8) Location preference (I had two options Hyderabad and Bangalore )

Thanks geekteam .

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Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2015
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