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Top 7 Ecommerce Technology Trends For the Coming Years

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Ecommerce Technology Trends will be ruling this throat-cut competitive world as the proliferation of the INTERNET has surged various online activities to newer heights. This is one of the reasons why many of the existing customers have started shopping more online rather than going to offline stores made up of bricks-and-cement. Indeed, Statista predicted that from 2020 to 2024, retail e-commerce sales will be showcasing an upward growth from 4.28 trillion US Dollars to 5.4 trillion US Dollars (this will be in 2024). Such sort of predictions are luring many SELLERS to set their online stores up to save themselves from swinging around the world just for selling what their customers really WANT?


Are you counting yourself on the list of these individuals trying to increase the sales of their store by setting it online? If your answer is nodding towards the YES statement, then you should consider yourself lucky because you will now be joining this new normal revolution in which you are helping people around you to buy almost everything from the comfort of their houses. You must be ready now to shake hands with this revolution but before you proceed further, all you need to do is take a look at the seven trends below-mentioned for assisting you a lot in making your online store a great source of income.  

1. Voice and Image Search

Consumers are utilizing voice and image searches for shopping online in growing numbers. The most obvious reason for the same is that such searches are organizing their lives with much accuracy and lesser hustles. Furthermore, voice-and-image-enabled distribution of services is engaging more and more customers because they may now photograph the products which fascinate them a lot, and later, those customers can potentially find similar examples on other e-commerce websites just by sitting on their beautiful couches. Indeed, these types of searches are heightening themselves in the list of E-Commerce trends thereby creating a lot of e-commerce business opportunities through their smart and solution-oriented course of action.  

2. AI Chatbots for Enhancing Customer Communications

AI Chatbots are capably representing a positive future of the e-Commerce Industry. Even these multi-purpose and dynamic Virtual Assistants for example Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google’s Home are integrating well with a sudden boost in BRAND IMAGE and improvised results in online shopping. This is because, with any of them, the customers can now get the best recommendations of what they are already looking for with much of desperateness? From scheduling their flights to purchasing the clothes, groceries that will match their interest, all this has been made easier by those Artificially Intelligent Chatbots. Moreover, the algorithms driving these voice-enabled chatbots are helping chatbots evolve themselves with increasing dominance and security which is somewhere contributing a lot while enhancing customer communications. What else does the e-Commerce sector need now to boost their sales upwards and attract a buyer’s behavior when the sector really wants it?

3. ROPO/ROBO are the Pinnacles of the Ecommerce Industry

ROPO is well-relatable with RESEARCH ONLINE THEN PURCHASE THE ENTITY SEARCHED OFFLINE. On the other side, ROBO shouts out loud and supports the notion of RESEARCH ONLINE THEN BUY THE ENTITY OFFLINE. Do both of them not sound exactly the same or is some difference there between the two? Yup, it offers convenience at times you search the services or products you need the most via best price displays. It may also help a business owner track the marketing strategies and conversions OFFLINE. Noteworthily, both these terminologies are the strengthened PINNACLES of the E-commerce industry as they are backed by the metrics like shopping history, optimized reporting features, and easy-to-understand-and-use content. All such features are progressively contributing to the revolution of the E-commerce industry thereby exciting many professionals to offer their support to the existing customers.    

4. Personalization for Recreating Extensive Shopping Experience

Personalization is a sort of marketing technique or we may say another SWING in the Ecommerce Industry which knows well how to engage more and more customers with a brand available online or offline? Thinking about whether or not PERSONALIZATION can potentially create an extensive shopping experience!! Such a thought must be appreciated and can be answered well with BIG DATA. Nowadays, any of the customers discovering the required products from the ones available are captured on the databases in the form of a huge pool of information called BIG DATA. Then, through appropriate filtering and analysis of that information, businesses estimate the patterns that customers are following or have followed. This lets the businesses understand the perspective of a customer and deliver the services/products he/she is expecting in the form of RECOMMENDATIONS. Such recommendations are nothing but a way of beneficially implementing personalization thereby creating, again and again, the extensively unforgettable SHOPPING EXPERIENCE.  

5. Omnichannel Presence & Support

Omnichannel means multiple channels for Ecommerce like a store, phone, social media, or web are readily available to customers but in a circularly-connected approach (this approach connects all the channels as if they are moving in a CIRCULAR MOTION like one after the other ROUND-AND-ROUND). Curious to analyze if they, the OMNICHANNEL, support commercial transactions primarily conducted over the internet electronically!! Yes, such channels are encouraging a lot of customers to showcase their presence in various online purchasing or selling activities which always help business giants like Amazon, Google, and eBay flourish themselves in terms of sales, satisfied customer engagement, and better knowledge about the parameters at times customers become distressed. So, on an overall basis, eCommerce companies must make the right use of the available omnichannel and set this as a TREND promisingly providing the customers when they need the services and from where?    

6. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

AR i.e. Augmented Reality and VR – Virtual Reality, are acting as an AMALGAMATED GAME-CHANGING TREND in the ever-growing e-commerce industry. Reasonably thinking how? AR is helping shoppers across the globe to visualize the products from the online stores solving a lot of their real-world problems whereas VR has enabled those online stores to provide exact and up-to-date details of the products for helping the customers make better purchasing decisions. As per the predictions agreed by Michael Push, more than 30 percent of buyers will do shopping online if they are allowed to try the product virtually before they make a plan of buying any of them. And 22 percent of the buyers will be less likely to visit a brick store (a store made up of bricks and other essential elements of construction) if AR technology is available for their shopping. These types of predictions obtained from some recent polls are eradicating known or unknown hurdles in online shopping thereby attracting a lot of ventures to adopt AR/VR as standard technologies for the products they have been dealing with!!  

7. Fast & Secured eWallet Functionality

An eWallet (or Electronic Wallet) facilitates secured and speedier CHECKOUT PROCESS. Questioning what the importance of CHECKOUT PROCESS is in the e-commerce industry? This is the stage where the money changes its address i.e. from the customer’s account to the account of the business running online. No doubt, cart abandonments (it is a sort of activity during which a customer unexpectedly moves out of the CHECKOUT process from its final stage) occur at times when a potential customer has almost finished the CHECKOUT procedure. Such abandonment is due to reasons like unexpected rise in the shipping costs, doubt on the security of payment processed, and not satisfactory return policy. Now, the only challenge coming in front of the eyes of e-commerce players is how they may deal with this? The award-winning solution is an eWallet. You better highlight it an UNBEATABLE E-COMMERCE trend as it has increased the efficiency in the CHECKOUT process thereby declining cart abandonment rate at a global level with functionalities like the range of payments offered, one-page plus hassle-free checkouts, speedier payment solutions, an option of saving the essential details of your card (either DEBIT or CREDIT). Therefore, an eWallet equipped with precision and security in payments has let the businesses level themselves up in the E-commerce market with better scalability of their services, security while reciprocating the same, and efficiency for bringing more and more loyal customers.      

Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2021
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