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Top 6 Extensions for Web Developers in VSCode

  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021
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Visual Studio Code is the most used code editor amongst developers these days. We know that VSCode provides us with many cool features that could enhance our code and could be very helpful while writing the code. One of the ways to achieve this is by using extensions that could be installed directly in the editor. This article lists some cool VSCode extensions that are helpful in web development.

1. Auto Rename Tag: We all are aware that most of the tags in HTML need a closing tag as well, and while writing professional code, which includes thousands of lines, tags are closed after hundreds of lines. Therefore, it becomes very difficult if we have to rename the tag. We have to find where the tag was closed and then only we can rename it. Auto Rename Tag provides us with a feature that when we change the starting tag it will automatically change the closing tag as well, making the renaming of tags easier.

Vs Code Extension – Auto Rename Tag

2. Bracket Pair Colorizer: While working with languages like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. we have to use numerous brackets and as the code base grows, it becomes very difficult for us to manage them. The Bracket Pair Colorizer extension makes each bracket a different color, thereby helping to manage multiple nesting of brackets easy for us. 

Vs Code Extension – Bracket Pair Colorizer

3. HTML Boilerplate: While working with HTML, it may become tedious to write all the starting tags like <HTML>, <body>, <head>, and the meta tags as well. The VSCode extension HTML Boilerplate provides us an extension that handles all the boilerplate code. We just have to write a single line and the entire boilerplate of HTML will be imported into our file. It includes all the necessary tags along with the meta tags that are generally required.

Vs Code Extension – HTML BoilerPlate

4. Path Intellisense: Whenever working with JavaScript or some library or framework of its, we have to import some files into another file. If at this point we wrote the wrong path, the file won’t be imported and it becomes very difficult to find the issue as well. But if you have this extension installed, it will provide you with all the files and folders present at the current location. So now you can select the desired file or folder correctly & will prevent any path issues from happening. 

Vs Code Extension – Path Intellisense

5. Prettier – Code Formatter: This extension makes the code more organized by adding the required indentation according to the language being used. This helps both the author and a new person to understand the code easily.

Vs Code Extension – Prettier Code Formatter

6. VsCode Icons: VsCode Icons is a cool extension that adds a set of icons to each of the files and folders in the Explorer view, thereby making the editor look more colorful and also help to easily view all the different files quickly.

Vs Code Extension – VS Code Icons

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