TCS Interview Experience | Set 32 (Off Campus)

Round 1:

I had applied for TCS off campus drive in October. Usually, the off-campus drive happens every 3 months for TCS.

There were about 35000 applications and around 3000 seats.

TCS has changed the hiring pattern from this year and questions were not repeated from CampusGate.

These were the sections in the Written Round –

  • Quantitative Aptitude( 20 questions)
  • email Writing (1 Question)
  • Command Line Programming (1 Question – very tough)
  • Programming MCQ’s( 20 Questions)

For Command line programming I will suggest PrepInsta website. The content is very fresh and I liked it. For Quants I had prepared from CampusGate but it was no use as none of the question repeated from there, later on I had realised that even the quants and email new questions were available on prepinsta. Thus you can study from there.


Round 2:

My written round went really bad and I was not selected for the next round.

One of my friends was, the next round is basically.

They call you to one of the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc and you have to take care of your own accommodation but they provide lunch in one of the hotels.

The GD round happens people who clear this round go to the next round that is the personal interview.

Round 3:

In personal inteview, they ask questions from your branch resume and projects. My friend was not selected after the personal interview as he didn’t know the NPN diagram required for his final year project implementation.

Study hard, best of luck!

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