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TCS Interview Experience | Set 13 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018

Last week TCS visited our campus. Eligibility – permitted 1 backlog.

It is a 2 round interview process.

Round 1: It is an online round, contains 4 sessions. 

session 1: Email writing for 10 minutes. Write an email on the given topic using the provided phrases with at least 60 words.

session 2: Aptitude MCQ’s – 40 minutes – 25 questions.

session 3: Technical MCQ’s on C language – 20  minutes – 10 questions.

session 4: Online coding – 20 minutes – 1 problem.

out of 1000 students, 300 were shortlisted.

Round 2: TR+HR+MR

It is a 3 member panel. They had interviewed me around 1 hour.
When I entered the room they offered me the chair. I said thank you and took my seat.

Question 1: Introduce yourself.

Question 2: explain your strengths with an instance that you have faced recently.

Question 3: questions on OS- concepts.

Question 4: questions on DBMS-joins, tables, queries on tables.

Question 5: difference between C and Java.

Question 6: They asked me to solve some SQL queries.

Question 7: About projects.

Question 8: Latest technologies- Artificial intelligence, Automation – examples.

Question 9: They asked to write code for some basic sort and search algorithms in C.

Question 10: They asked me to explain code execution in C.

Question 11: what do you know about TCS.

Question 12: Why we need to hire you?

Question 13: Are you willing to work anywhere in India? – I said, Yes sir.

Question 14: They asked, Any queries? – Then I asked, What the industry expects from a fresher?
They said, “Basic overview of all the concepts learned by the students in the engineering”.

It is a 4-day interview process. Finally, 201 students got selected out of 1000 and I am one among them.

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