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TCS Interview Experience | Off-Campus September 2019

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Hello guys !!

Hope you all doing well:)coming to info…I am giving you every single detail regarding TCS whole process which i went through(it may be little bit lengthy but it might helpful for some people), hope this help you 🙂
I have applied TCS OFF CAMPUS PHASE 2 through online.After applying TCS you will get a admit card only before 2 days of the written exam.I don’t say TCS online exam is tough nor easy its moderate.Written exam is about 90 mins consists of 4 sections verbal, Quant, coding questions and one programming question.

WRITTEN TEST:– I felt verbal is a bit easy apart from all.If you are good at vocabulary you can easily finish this section.
Quant questions are moderate.Time management is important, just go through the PREPINSTA website important topics and solve.
Coding questions covers some basic questions .For this section also go through PREPINSTA website.And finally coming to programming question, I am so much worried about this section because we have to write and execute the program, but i have cracked it by preparing well before the exam.I got a program to write to find the CGPA.(honestly saying i wrote the program but i didn’t got the output but compilation done successfully ).From this what can i say is your attempt is important than the output(only if program contains key points like what function your are using to solve the program).So don’t worry about the output of the program, just try to build a code for the program relatively:)
After 8 days i got result through mail that i have cleared the written exam mentioning the venue details will be informed soon, after a weak i just got venue place only i.e Hyderabad.Again after 4 days i got complete venue details i.e Hyderabad TCS DECCAN PARK.They will mention you to get the documents for interview, please carry them accordingly.

INTERVIEW:– My interview reporting time is 9:30 AM.They will allot you panels for interview.Verification took long time than interview :P(they will verify the marks before the interview starts, it took 1 hour :/ because of strength of people is high 😛 )and after verification, finally i went through my panel for interview.As my panel number is 8 i called for interview early.It was a huge room with different panels side by side .It was a simple interview .Interviewer asked me questions from resume and asked to me about my projects and asked to me ‘Tell about yourself’. And then he asked regarding programs like Even or odd, swapping of numbers without variable, reverse program, prime program, star program and syntax for For loop, while, if else statements.Interview took around like 15mins. They asked me to leave mentioning will send an email within a week.After 18 days interview results were out 🙂
Finally what i want to conclude is BE CONFIDENT, don’t worry about the output of the program just prepare well before the exam.Have patience for receiving mails from TCS.
I wish the one who reading this a very ALL THE BEST :).


Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2019
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