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TCS Digital Interview through Codevita’19

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First of all to give context,

I’m a student from B.Tech 4th year Computer Science & Engineering in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. TCS doesn’t even visit our campus. I wanted to secure a job through online contests and one of them been TCS Codevita.

I’m not very good in DSA as I was good in Machine Learning & Deep Learning. I solved 2 problems in Codevita and got a rank around 6k.
I was called in for a Interview at TCS synergy park – Hyderabad on 01-Aug-19. It was my first off-campus Interview!

our batch’s Interview Process is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM, Had to wait till 4:00 PM to get my turn.

( I expected the interview to be mostly around DSA, DBMS, OOPS but I got a very pleasant surprise)
Interviewer : Good Evening pranav

Me : Good Evening ma’m
( gave resume and sat after she told me to )

Interviewer : Introduce yourself

Me : *Introduced* myself and said how much I like to build cool things.

Interviewer : you have lot of certifications, have you completed your graduation?

Me : No ma’m, I’m still pursuing my 4th yr.

Interviewer : please wait a minute
(Interviewer goes to her fellow interviewer and talks for a bit)

Interviewer : so pranav, explain about your certifications on block chain, DL, data science, data engineering ?

Me : *explained*

Interviewer : asks questions on my projects in detail

Me : *explained with technical details from NN architecture to libraries*

Interviewer : what is raspberry pi and what are it’s advantages?

Me : *explained*

Interviewer : you listed Ubuntu in operating systems are you a regular user?

Me : yes ma’m, I like the idea of how developers help each other out for free making a commune and It inspires me a lot.

Interviewer : where you want to see yourself in 5 years?

Me : part of core Ignio’s team in TCS
(*Interviewer smiles*)

Interviewer : do you have any questions pranav?

Me : yes ma’m, what kind of projects will I be working on?

Interviewer : I can’t tell you for sure pranav, but you will be groomed well in whichever you are assigned

( MR, HR interviews were very fun beyond my expectations )

(handed out resume and sat after he said me to)

first couple of questions are on food( “hyderabadi biriyani” ) and on my resume trait (“witty”), checked tamil in my languages and joked that people from nellore will have to know tamil. then he was very impressed on my projects and asked me how many years would you work with TCS if been selected as. I said as long as the work is challenging and I’m compensated for it.

He asked If I’ll be discouraged, If I was given any other technology other than Data science, ML. I said, I Love learning new things and I worked on projects ranging from IOT to android. He asked If I was a team player as many technically sound people are only about getting things their way. I talked about my entrepreneurship course, how I think a team is more important than a single person and I explained about my project team. when he asked how will you resolve conflict in a team, I said I would make them reason with each other in a calm way and how most of us are reasonable.

He asked what is my goal in life, I replied to be an Innovator rather than ceo more of a steve wozniak than steve jobs.
(* He smiled *)

(handed out the resume)

Interviewer : Introduce yourself

Me : *introduced*

Interviewer : So pranav why tcs?

Me : I consider TCS as a startup in terms of AI domain even though there are many resources behind and I think there is much scope for growth.

Interviewer : what will you do if you don’t get the job?

Me : I won’t be discouraged and try to find jobs in other companies or try for TCS again with nqt, humAIn.

Interviewer : what are your two weaknesses?

Me : can’t do boring things and I try to automate it and I’m a perfectionist.

(* followup questions on weaknesses *)

(* questions on traits given in resume *)

Interviewer : what will you do if you are a team leader?

Me : I can motivate my team, If they are feeling low.

Interviewer : motivate me in 7 sentences, as I been Interviewing people from morning.

Me : * some filmy dialogues recited in a funny way *

Interviewer : how you will be able to others from your technical skills?

Me : * explained my project *

(* then Interviewer explains about her company policies, asks if I’ll be able to relocate *)

Interview : all the best, pranav

Me : Thank you, ma’m

then on 10-08-19 (yesterday), I got a mail saying that I was shortlisted for TCS differential offer (digital) and will receive my offer letter soon.

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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