TCS Digital Interview Experience (Premium College Drive)

The written test happened on July 15th, 2019 as my college comes under premium list of TCS. So we were allowed to give the test directly.


Round 1:(Online test round)

Section 1: English
this section was comparatively easier than the mock test of digital.It comprises
of paragraph question which where time consuming, while one liner question were easy and taking less

Section 2: Quantitative Aptitude

this section was very tough for me question were really calculative and difficult to solve, but I managed
to do 12 out of 20.Suggested topic-time/distance, work-time, algebra.

Section 3:Programming Logic

this section was easiest the question were basic level and required understanding of loops and control statements
and variable.Suggested topic-loops, control flow, java, keyword in c++.

Section 4:Coding question
At first look the question seems confusing problem statement was like variation of 0/1 knapsack problem
but the statement was only different so it took time to figure out the logic.
Suggested topic-All standard dynamic programming problem(LCS, LIS, 0/1 knapsack, edit distance, max sum sub matrix etc.)

(NOTE:C++ STL is not allowed in coding test.)


The Interview took place in Guru-gobind singh indraprasth university delhi on 26 July.
the timing was given of 12’o clock.Document checking was done first.
then I went to interview room HR/technical both were done together.
question were asked were

*what is exception?
*what is difference between supervised/unsupervised learning?
*what is Iot?
*what is pointer?are having pointer advantage or disadvantage?
*difference between Java/c++?
*how database is connected in system?
*they ask me about my project(in c++stl)
*how many type of search are there (i told two liner and binary search)
*difference between linear/binary which is better(binary is better i told O(log n) complexity)
*what is stack/queue(told the correct answer)
*implement queue using stack(drawn logic on paper and showed the)

(some HR question were asked then)

*are you willing to locate to Chennai?
*are you ok with ninja if not get digital?
*how would you keep up in company if got bored?
*tell your weakness etc.?

Suggestion:do make a project on any new technology(ML, IOT, deep-learning, android, block-chain)

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