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TCS Digital Interview Experience (Premium College Drive)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022

The written test happened on July 15th, 2019 as my college comes under premium list of TCS. So we were allowed to give the test directly.


Round 1:(Online test round)

Section 1: English
this section was comparatively easier than the mock test of digital.It comprises
of paragraph question which where time consuming, while one liner question were easy and taking less

Section 2: Quantitative Aptitude

this section was very tough for me question were really calculative and difficult to solve, but I managed
to do 12 out of 20.Suggested topic-time/distance, work-time, algebra.

Section 3:Programming Logic

this section was easiest the question were basic level and required understanding of loops and control statements
and variable.Suggested topic-loops, control flow, java, keyword in c++.

Section 4:Coding question
At first look the question seems confusing problem statement was like variation of 0/1 knapsack problem
but the statement was only different so it took time to figure out the logic.
Suggested topic-All standard dynamic programming problem(LCS, LIS, 0/1 knapsack, edit distance, max sum sub matrix etc.)

(NOTE:C++ STL is not allowed in coding test.)


The Interview took place in Guru-gobind singh indraprasth university delhi on 26 July.
the timing was given of 12’o clock.Document checking was done first.
then I went to interview room HR/technical both were done together.
question were asked were

*what is exception?
*what is difference between supervised/unsupervised learning?
*what is Iot?
*what is pointer?are having pointer advantage or disadvantage?
*difference between Java/c++?
*how database is connected in system?
*they ask me about my project(in c++stl)
*how many type of search are there (i told two liner and binary search)
*difference between linear/binary which is better(binary is better i told O(log n) complexity)
*what is stack/queue(told the correct answer)
*implement queue using stack(drawn logic on paper and showed the)

(some HR question were asked then)

*are you willing to locate to Chennai?
*are you ok with ninja if not get digital?
*how would you keep up in company if got bored?
*tell your weakness etc.?

Suggestion:do make a project on any new technology(ML, IOT, deep-learning, android, block-chain)

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