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TCS Digital Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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I had first given TCS NQT after which students with top scores were given a chance to give another assessment – TCS Digital. The suspense here was after getting a call for an interview we didn’t know whether we were being considered for Digital or Ninja profile.

Round 1: It was a technical round lasted about 40 mins. Two Interviewers. Though most of the interviewers ask questions about DSA and related subjects to CSE to freshers that were not the case with me.
The first question they asked me was:

” Tell us about yourself..”:

Though a very general question but the answer to it is very tricky. Your answer decides what they gonna ask next. The ball is in your court here. If you give an interesting and thoughtful answer they’ll ask you about the same things you mentioned.
My Answer: “Basic Introduction. I’m a Backend Developer and I’ve worked on some live projects… I work on Python | Django, GIT, AWS…” Now for a fresher its a good start. They started to ask me questions related to the work I’ve done, the technologies I’ve used, how I started, and my future goals…

For some, such a twist might not be beneficial but I consider myself fortunate enough to have this.

Round 2: It was an HR Round. ┬áThis was really one of the best discussions I’ve ever had. We talked about almost everything from the Abrogation of Article 372 by Modi Government to Paytm’s business model to Blockchains and Cryptocurrency and so on… Well, it would have been easy if you read a lot and have knowledge of all these things…
Earlier I thought that it would be easy to crack the interview based on the given JD and my technical knowledge. But it really got tricky in the non-technical discussion when we were sharing insights and opinions on the ongoing hot topics. I never thought that such subject knowledge can be sometimes useful even when you are being interviewed for a full technical profile. Really an amazing and enriching experience throughout the process.

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Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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