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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2020

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  • Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Finally results are out and I got placed in TCS Digital.. waoo can’t believe!!!.

TCS is one of the top-ranked companies in India, with most having outsourced projects. Not only that it handles various government projects like India’s Passport Projects, India’s Post Digital Financial Inclusion projects, apart from this work on the latest technologies.

TCS hires through n number of exams and contents some are-

1. Codevita: Largest coding contest which is assessed all over India. These 6 coding questions need to be solved in 6 hrs.

2. Digital Exam: This is only for premium colleges. This test is divided into 2 parts.

  •  English and Aptitude: It contains questions from Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks. and for Aptitude overall arithmetic is covered and some basic Reasoning Questions.
  •  Coding: This consist of 2 moderate coding questions one can only go through 2nd question if the first question is successfully submitted.

3.NQT Exam – It is open for everyone. It again comprises various sections like English, Reasoning, Aptitude, Technical, and Coding which again consists of 2 questions one of 15 min and another for 30 mins.

TCS hires for 2 profiles-

  • Digital Profile (around 7ctc)
  • Ninja Profile (around 3.36ctc)

I have been selected through the “Digital Exam” for exam preparation very well with the short-tricks and try to remember all the squares and cubes it really helps in the calculation.

After getting selected for the Interview there will be “Document Verification ” Here they checks whether the one entered the details correctly or not and eligibility criteria.

Before this you can have a check at your resume uploaded to the website because after shortlisting your activity at the account will get batched i.e. you can’t do any modifications so upload your resume very carefully and only include the part or work you really had done. Don’t mention multiple languages try to put at max 2-3 languages and get through them thoroughly.

After this, there is only one round that is Interview which includes Technical, HR and Managerial Interview the last and very important part.

Technical Round: In this, they basically ask the languages you mentioned in your resume so be very clear. I had mentioned Python and Java.

Then they asked in which language I am comfortable I said Java.

Then – Tell me about Yourself??

  1. What is the difference between Interface and Abstract Class?
  2. What are OOPs concepts? (detailed discussion on class, encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance)
  3. Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList.
  4. What is HashMap? Internal data-structure?
  5. How data is inserted in HashMap?
  6. Can we insert duplicate data in HashMap if yes then how??
  7. What is a constructor and why it is used?
  8. Types of CSS.
  9. How can we access the value with the given Id using JavaScript?
  10. How Error Handling is performed in JavaScript?
  11. What are the different types of joins in MySQL? Difference between them and draw them.
  12. What are the aggregate functions in MySQL? 
  13. Are Multiple inheritances possible in Java?? If yes how?

Managerial and HR Round:

  1. Describe yourself in 2 lines. And questions on It.
  2. How are you self-motivated?
  3. Can you re-locate?
  4. Are questions related to hobbies?
  5. Why do you want to join TCS?
  6. How do you get the information about TCS?
  7. What are SDLC Models? Name then and explain the Waterfall Model?
  8. Which Model you used in your Project??
  9. What is a sprint?
  10. Difference between null and “” in MySQL?

It was a great experience.

Final Verdict: Selected for Digital Profile

Hope this helps. Thank You and All the Best!

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