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TCS DCA Interview Experience

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TCS  DCA Interview Experience for freshers to upgrade from ninja to digital 2021

Round 1: TCS conducted an exam that contains two coding questions. The coding is not difficult. A sample question is given in DCA is

  1. Given a list A of integer numbers that have values coming from SET=(0, 1, 2). The task is to put then the output should be 1 1 0 0 2 2 all ones first, then all Os, 2s at last.

Given exam in march and some of them got a chance to retest because of login issues. Those who got selected from march, don’t have an interview and direct chance to digital package. Those who wrote the exam in April and were shortlisted from the exam needed to give an interview for digital profile upgrading. I completed my two questions and shortlisted for an interview.

Round 2: First I was asked to show my government id proof. It was a panel of two members.


  1. Introduction
  2. How can we search for an element in a sorted list?
  3. What is the time required for searching an element?
  4. How to sort two unsorted lists of size m and n?
  5. And time required for doing such sorting?
  6. Will O(N log N) take more time or O(N^2) take more time?
  7. What is the cloud?
  8. Types of clouds?
  9. Examples of types of cloud?
  10. Services given by AWS?
  11. What is big data?
  12. What is big compute?
  13. How facial expressions are recognized in ML and DL?
  14. Layers in Neural Network?
  15. What is overfitting?
  16. Where the information stored in neural networks?
  17. What is the traveling salesman problem? 
  18. Known languages?
  19. What is the current version of python?
  20. Which version am I using?
  21. Do you know how to set a path variable?
  22. Do you know community cloud?
  23. Difference between private cloud and public cloud?

No coding question was asked and the interview was about 30min.

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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