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TCS CodeVita 2018 Interview Experience

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I have solved 3 questions in Codevita’18. And I got a rank of 256 and being called for interview at TCS Gitanjali park, Kolkata on 24th of August. The process goes like this…

First they told us to submit our resume and application form, meanwhile they introduced about TCS.

I was called for interview….there were two panelist.

Interviewer :- So Kundan how are you ?

Me :- Fine, excited added with a smile.

Interviewer :- where did you stay?

Me :- Hawra.

Interviewer :- how did you came here ?

Me :- by Uber.

Interviewer :- Okay do you know how Uber works ?

Me :- Yes, it uses Google map API

Interviewer :- okay how Google map fetches the distance between two places.

Me :- Using longitude and latitude.

Interviewer :- Okay Kundan, since you have solved 3 questions but you didn’t wrote a single line of comment in your code anywhere, don’t you think comment is a good practice.

Me :- yes sir I write comment when I got stuck otherwise in one go I don’t use comment.

Interviewer :- which questions was most interesting for you ?

Me :- sir,  Sorted String

Interviewer :- Can you let us know the problem statement.

Me :- Answered.

Interviewer :- write the code (logic only, ignore input and output part).

Me :- wrote.

Interviewer :- You have mentioned C, C++ in your resume, what’s the difference between C and C++

Me :- explained the OOPS concept which is in C++.

Interviewer :- You know java ??

Me :- sir I don’t know java, but I know the basic difference between java and C.

Interviewer :- okay what are differences?

Me :- answered.

Interviewer :- what is garbage collector ?

Me :- Answered.

Interviewer :- your hobby is web development.. right ?

Me :- yes sir.

Interviewer :- have you created any site ?

Me :- yes sir I am working for an NGO Prayaas India. And I have created a site for the same which is live now. I have mentioned url ( Prayaas India | NGO ) of the site in my resume, they opened the site and impressed a lot. And now they moved from programming to web development and started asking questions based on web development.

Interviewer :- which technology you have used to create this site ?


Interviewer :- what is bootstrap ?

Me :- I explained regarding responsive nature along with some amazing features of bootstrap.

Interviewer :- you know MySQL.

Me :- yes sir !!

Interviewer :- write the SQL command to fetch 2nd Highest salary from employee table.

Me :- wrote.

Interview :- why you used for PHP ?

Me :- PHP, MySQL for backend and rest for front end.

Interviewer :- what is difference between HTML and PHP.

Me :- PHP is server side language and HTML is client side language.

Interviewer :- how you started creating this site ? I mean you directly started writing code or something else!!

Me :- Sir it took me 3 days to wireframe the site and then I started writing code.

Interviewer :- how you wireframed ?

Me :- I have used INVISION for prototype.

Interviewer :- You know about INVISION, that’s great!

Interviewer :- What is MySQL triggering ?

Me :- I was never heard about triggering, although tried to answer but couldn’t so ended up with “I don’t know” with a smile.

Interviewer :- In which folder you keep your all the php files ?

Me :- htdocs.

Interviewer :- can I keep my php files in other folder ?

Me :- yes sir, but I have to configure our settings.

Interviewer :- what is the difference between printf and fprintf ?

Me :- Answered.

Interviewer :- how you will access middle element of linked list ?

Me :- sir I will take two pointer, one pointer will one time in every iteration and other pointer will move two times at every iteration. When second pointer will reach the last, first pointer will give the middle element of list.

Interviewer :- where you prefer for shopping….nearby vendor or online shopping ??

Me :- Online shopping .

Interviewer :- which is better according to you ?

Me : – Amazon.

Interviewer :- why Amazon is better ? Give 3 reason. Meanwhile they asked CEO of Amazon.

Me :- Return Policy, customer service, product quality . And JEEF BEZOS is the CEO of Amazon

Interviewer :- hopefully you have used Paytm or any other merchant for payment in shopping sites.

Me :- yes sir I have used PhonePe for payment in Flipkart .

Interviewer :- so PhonePe and Flipkart are two different companies, how they linked each other.

Me :- API is the solution.

Interviewer :- what is API . Have you used any API.

Me :- I started with full form of API (Application Program Interface). I have used API in my site Prayaas India itself for online donations. I have integratedINSTAMOZO API for payment. And I have also used Facebook comment plugin in my project.

Interviewer :- okay Kundan since you are from ELECTRICAL ENGG, why one of the pin of a three pin socket is longer and thicker pointing towards a socket plugged in his room ?

Me :- For Earthing purpose.

Interviewer :- can you explain how it use as earthing

Me :- Black face !!! Tried to answer but “I don’t know” added with a smile again.

Interviewer :- Do you know Fleming left hand and right hand rule ? One is for motor and one is for generator ? Do you know which hand is for which one ?

Me :-No sir I don’t know .

Interviewer :- you have mentioned IT, IOT, DIGITAL ENTERPRISE in your application form so what are they.

Me :- I explained IT and IOT but I didn’t know about DIGITAL ENTERPRISE. Sir actually I have to choose 3 interest so I choose DIGITAL ENTERPRISE but I don’t know about DIGITAL ENTERPRISE.

Interviewer :- Okay Kundan we are done ! Any question for us.

Me :- Asked about Job role.

Interviewer :- blah..blah !!! and ended up with “wait outside”, we will let you know for further round.

**After 30 minute they called for HR Round**

They verified my 10th and 12th Mark-sheet only in HR Round and said you may go.

Result came after 5 days via Email.

Verdict – SELECTED

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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