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TCS Codevita Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018

Round 1:  Codevita

All those who completed at least one question in codevita were called for interview. Be Careful they take plagiarism very seriously.

Round 2: Interview

There were 3 people taking interview simultaneously.

One was asking technical questions, one managerial questions and one HR.

TECHNICAL: Asked me about my codevita question and made me write some functions from that program on a paper.

Asked why I use C++ over Java.

Asked me to reduce the complexity of my code and what would be my approach if I am not getting the required answer from my programs.

Also asked if I have worked on Client side programming.

MANAGERIAL: He only asked two questions-

1 If I were given 7 tasks to be completed in 7 days and it is known that the tasks require more than 10 days to complete. Then which tasks would I solve first and why. Also, all tasks had same priority.

2 If my boss asks me to do certain job in 5 days and according to me I need 1 week for the same, what would be my response for the same.

HR: The HR lady was very nice and polite and asked me some standard HR questions like

-would you join any other company tomorrow if you were selected today?

-why not opting for higher studies?

-how would I be of value to TCS, etc.




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