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Everything in Python is an object. Functions in Python also object. Hence, like any other object they can be referenced by variables, stored in data… Read More
A decorator, is a callable that is used to extend the functionality of other callables. In simple words, It allows you to “decorate” a function… Read More
Decorators in Python is one of the most useful concepts supported by Python. It takes functions as arguments and also has a nested function. They… Read More
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Let’s consider a scenario where you have written a very lengthy code and want to know the function call details. So what you can do… Read More
A decorator is a design pattern tool in Python for wrapping code around functions or classes (defined blocks). This design pattern allows a programmer to… Read More
Wrappers around the functions are also knows as decorators which are a very powerful and useful tool in Python since it allows programmers to modify… Read More
Decorators are a very powerful and useful tool in Python since it allows programmers to modify the behavior of function or class. Decorators allow us… Read More
Decorator is a function which can take a function as argument and extend its functionality and returns modified function with extended functionality. So, here in… Read More
Everything in Python is an object. Even function is a type of object in Python. Decorators are a special type of function which return a… Read More
LRU is the cache replacement algorithm that removes the least recently used data and stores the new data. Suppose we have a cache space of… Read More
Decorators in Python are the design pattern that allows the users to add new functionalities to an existing object without the need to modify its… Read More
The @cached_property is a decorator which transforms a method of a class into a property whose value is computed only once and then cached as… Read More