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Arrow functions, also known as “short closures”, is a new feature introduced in PHP 7.4 that provides a more concise syntax for defining anonymous functions.… Read More
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The while loop is the simple loop that executes nested statements repeatedly while the expression value is true. The expression is checked every time at… Read More
The switch statement is similar to the series of if-else statements. The switch statement performs in various cases i.e. it has various cases to which… Read More
The goto statement is used to jump to another section of a program. It is sometimes referred to as an unconditional jump statement. The goto… Read More
Variable Scopes: The scope of a variable is defined as its extent in the program within which it can be accessed, i.e. the scope of… Read More
PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially used in web development. It was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It is used to… Read More
In PHP, $var is used to store the value of the variable like Integer, String, boolean, character. $var is a variable and $$var stores the… Read More
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A “union type” accepts values of multiple different data types, rather than a single one. If the programming language supports union types, you can declare… Read More
Constructor Property Promotion is a simple shorthand syntax to declare and assign class properties from the constructor. Constructor Property Promotion is a new syntax provided… Read More
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We can show all errors in PHP using the error_reporting() function. It sets the error_reporting directive at runtime according to the level provided. If no… Read More