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Consider the following functions Which of the following is true? (A) h(n) is O(f(n)) (B) h(n) is O(g(n)) (C) g(n) is not O(f(n)) (D) f(n)… Read More
Let LASTPOST, LASTIN and LASTPRE denote the last vertex visited in a postorder, inorder and preorder traversal, respectively, of a complete binary tree. Which of… Read More
Suppose you are given an array s[1..n] and a procedure reverse (s, i, j) which reverses the order of elements in a between positions i… Read More
Consider the values A = 2.0 x 1030, B =-2.0 x 1030, C= 1.0, and the sequence X: = A + B Y: = A… Read More
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