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The most appropriate matching for the following pairs

X: Indirect addressing            1 : Loops

Y: Immediate addressing           2 : Pointers

Z: Auto decrement addressing      3: Constants

(A) X-3, Y-2, Z-1

(B) X-I, Y-3, Z-2
(C) X-2, Y-3, Z-1
(D) X-3, Y-l, Z-2

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Explanation:

In Indirect  addressing mode the instruction does not have the address of the data to be operated on,but the instruction points where the address is stored(it is indirectly specifying the address of memory location where the data is stored or to be stored)

In immediate addressing mode the data is to be used is immediately given in instruction itself;so it deals with constant data.

In Autodecrement addressing mode,  Before determining the effective address, the value in the base register is decremented by the size of the data item which is to be accessed.

Within a loop, this addressing mode can be used to step backwards through all the elements of an array or vector.

So (C) is correct option.

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