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Ethical Hacking – Misc

A firewall is a hardware or software-based network security device that protects a network from unauthorized access by monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic to… Read More
The term arbitrary code execution is a form of hacking that goes beyond malware and virus attacks. Known as symlink injection, This method exploits the… Read More
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is software to help you break the password on various types of computers, including standard Windows and Linux PCs. In order… Read More
Direct-sequence spread spectrum in Wireless Networks is a technique that transmits a data signal over a range of frequencies, spreading it uniformly across the allocated… Read More
ARIN is the American Registry for Internet Numbers, a non-profit corporation that assigns IP addresses to organizations in North America and beyond. ARIN stands for… Read More
Nmap is a security auditing tool used in the security field to actively enumerate a target system/network. It is one of the most extensively used… Read More

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