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Django is a high-level Python based Web Framework that allows rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.  It is also called batteries included framework because Django… Read More
This article is in continuation of Blog CMS Project in Django. Check this out here – Building Blog CMS (Content Management System) with Django RSS… Read More
Progressive Web Apps or PWA are a type of application that is developed using web technologies and can be installed on any device like a… Read More
Commenting on a post is the most common feature a post have and implementing in Django is way more easy than in other frameworks. To… Read More
Project Title: Pollster (Voting System) web application using Django frameworkType of Application (Category): Web application. Introduction: We will create a pollster (voting system) web application… Read More
Haven’t you observed, when you register on some websites, you get a mail from that company or institution? The email would be, verification email or… Read More
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Weather app that uses Django as backend. Django provides a Python Web framework based web… Read More
Django by default provides an authentication system configuration. User objects are the core of the authentication we will implement Django’s authentication system.  Modules required… Read More
Prerequisite : django installationDjango is a high-level Python Web framework based web framework that allows rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. today we will create… Read More

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