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Pragma Directives: The pragma directive is used to control the actions of the compiler in a particular portion of a program without affecting the program… Read More
One can find out the operating system on which the program is running with the help of C programming. This piece of information is very… Read More
A macro is a piece of code in a program that is replaced by the value of the macro. Macro is defined by #define directive.… Read More
According to C89 Standard, C programming language has following predefined macros: __LINE__ Macro: __LINE__ macro contains the current line number of the program in the… Read More
X-Macros are based on the property of nested macros and the ability to define macros inside other macros. X-Macros are very powerful pre-processor technique in… Read More
At the first look, it seems that writing a C macro which prints its argument is child’s play.  Following program should work i.e. it should… Read More

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