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Tag Archives: C-C Quiz – 101

Consider the following variable declarations and definitions in C i) int var_9 = 1; ii) int 9_var = 2; iii) int _ = 3; Choose… Read More
#include "stdio.h"  int main() {  void *pVoid;  pVoid = (void*)0;  printf("%lu",sizeof(pVoid));  return 0; } Pick the best statement for the above C program snippet. (A)… Read More
#include "stdlib.h" int main() {  int *pInt;  int **ppInt1;  int **ppInt2;     pInt = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int));  ppInt1 = (int**)malloc(10*sizeof(int*));  ppInt2 = (int**)malloc(10*sizeof(int*));     free(pInt);  free(ppInt1);  free(*ppInt2);… Read More
Assume int is 4 bytes, char is 1 byte and float is 4 bytes. Also, assume that pointer size is 4 bytes (i.e. typical case)… Read More
Suppose that in a C program snippet, followings statements are used. i) sizeof(int); ii) sizeof(int*); iii) sizeof(int**); Assuming size of pointer is 4 bytes and… Read More

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