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The perimeter of a field of length 100 m.and breadth is 50 m is: (A) 500 m (B) 400 m (C) 300 m (D) 200… Read More
What is the radius of a circular field of area 616 sq.m? (A) 42 (B) 40 (C) 14 (D) 30 Answer: (C) Explanation: Quiz of… Read More
If an error of 10% excess is made in calculating the side of a square, the % error in its area is (A) 21 (B)… Read More
The sides of rectangular garden are 25 m x 49 m. What is the perimeter of a square garden with same area? (A) 120 (B)… Read More
The diagonals of rhombus are 16 cm and 12 cm. Its perimeter is: (A) 30 (B) 34 (C) 48 (D) 40 Answer: (D) Explanation: Quiz… Read More
If diagonal of a square is 12. What is the area of the square? (A) 68 sq. m (B) 83 sq . m (C) 72… Read More
The area of the rectangle is 2880 sq.m. The ratio of the sides is 5:4, the perimeter is: (A) 216 m (B) 206 m (C)… Read More
What is the area of a triangular field of dimensions 3 4 and 5m? (A) 6 sq. m (B) 8 sq. m (C) 14 sq.… Read More
The area of the square garden is 625 sq.m.What is the area of a path of width 2.5 m around it if the path is… Read More

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