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System Files

Last Updated : 20 Oct, 2021
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There are two types of files which we will learn about i.e, temporary files and .dll files which are present or added in the system by default.

Temporary Files :
When you run any program by double clicking it, then that program loads from hard drive to the RAM. It means that operating system copies the program to RAM from hard-drive when the user runs it. Then, the computer executes the program.

Some programs are present when run and when operating system picks up that program to load into the RAM, then that program needs some space for itself to write on the hard drive like some important files folder so that the program can run without any interruption. These are known as TEMPORARY FILES.

What are Temporary Files ?
These files are made when we use it to write the data on the hard drive. When we use a program, then these files write the data on hard drive for the functioning of the program. These files are made by softwares for the proper functioning of the program and so that they do not crash in-between. When we exit the program, then before closing the program, the program itself delete the temporary files made by it and then closes. This helps to save the space on the hard drive.

Sometimes, the program do not respond as we need or do not work properly and stops in-between while using. At that time, the temporary files made by that program do not delete as the program will not get enough time to delete the temporary files and then close itself. So, the temporary files for that program remains in the hard drive.

There are many temporary files which are stored on the hard drive which the user does not even want. Then, it covers space more and more space of the hard drive.  A single temporary file covers up much space.

So, is it safe to delete the temporary files ?
Yes, deleting temporary files will not affect your computer and work properly. Windows has pre-installed clean up tools to clean the files which the computer does not want.

In windows, go to start, write there cleanup too, then a dialog box will appear asking you that from which drive you want cleanup, then after calculating it will show you all the temporary files, there you can select from there and clean your computer. Thus, deleting the unwanted space from the hard drive. But, remember Windows will only show you that temporary files, which Windows think that computer does not want. The files which are not in use will be asked to delete after scanning.

With these clean up tool, if you delete the temporary file, then it will not affect the computer’s performance. Deleting temporary files is must as it takes much space on your hard drive which then will result in the slow speed of hard drive.

.dll(Dynamic Link Library Files) :
If you are a Windows users the you must have seen the errors “.dll” type or this application cannot run or double clicking on any game, you will get the error “that this type of file is missing so it cannot run”. There are many errors of .dll files.

“.dll” stands for Dynamic Link Library. I is a Microsoft’s implementation. It is of the shared library concept in Microsoft Windows. It is present in windows folder of Disk C . All dll files are different from each other and names are also different.

Why it is present in Windows ?
No matter which new software you install on your computer or any new game you install, they should run smoothly and in a proper way without any interruption in-between. For this, .dll files are present. These files are also helpful in making Windows work properly.

What are .dll files ?
It is a common file or library which are used by software and games to run properly. These are the instructions for the programs on which they run. The word “Dynamic” in Dynamic Link Library is used because the data in it are only used when it is put up in a program where program is actively calling for it. Most of the files are in-built in the Windows itself, while some we have to download too. These files are important because they separate programs by its components and also uses less memory and space.

For Example,
You have installed one software and one game in your computer and they both need only 1 .dll file which is exact same to run. Now, there are two options- We can install it differently means the .dll files of the company who made game and software can be installed in it or the other option is that we can give Windows .dll file, and that 1 file can be used by both these i.e., game and software.

The 2nd option will help to save the memory space of Hard Disk and RAM , and that file can be used at exactly same time by the game and software. Due to this, multiple programs can share the abilities programmed into a single file, and even do so simultaneously.

Another example,
In Windows, the Comdlg32 DLL performs common dialog box related functions. Therefore, each program can use the functionality that is contained in this dll file to implement an Open dialog box. This helps in promoting code reuse and efficient memory usage.

Every computer has some common .dll files which is used by software and games to run, this helps in saving space in your computer. These files can be used for numerous numbers of software and games. These files cannot be open because it’s format is very different from other files. These files can be open or read only by “.exe” setup. Most dll files even use .exe extension. Some files also use the extension  .OCX, .CPL, or .DRV.

These files contains the code and programs by Windows Developer for software and games to run on your computer. Windows also use “.dll” files. These files manage the control panel, I/O devices, Desktop etc. If these types of files are missing from your computer to run a software or a game, then you have to install it first and then only you can use that software or game because only then they will read the code and programs of that file and run properly.

If you getting any dll error, you must find the problem to that specific error so you know how to solve that error in the right way.

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