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Week Aptitude Verbal Ability Logical Reasoning Basic Programming
Week 1 Ratio, Proportion, and Progressions Basic Grammar Number Series, Symbol Series Operators, DataTypes, Loops & Control Structure
Week 2 Percentages, Profit and Loss Spotting Errors Verbal Classification, Essential Part Loops & Control Structure, Functions
Week 3 Sets, Functions, and Seating Arrangements Completing Statements Analogies, Verbal Classification, Essential Part Storage Classes, Structures, Union, Enum
Week 4 Permutations, Combinations, and Probability Verbal Analogies Making Judgements, Logical Problems Arrays, Strings
Week 5 Time, Speed, Distance, and Work Synonyms Statement and Assumption, Statement and Conclusion Pointers, Advanced Pointers
Week 6 Number system, Equations, LCM and HCF Antonyms Cause and Effect Analysis of Algorithms, Searching, Sorting
Week 7 Plane geometry, Areas and Mensuration One Word Substitutes Revision of all above topics OOPs, Miscellaneous
Week 8 Coding, Age Problems, Truth and Lie based puzzles Revision of all above topics Revision of all above topics Revision of all above topics

Course Home Page

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