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Sudo Placement 2 | Course Structure

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2018

Course Home Page

WeekAptitudeVerbal AbilityLogical ReasoningBasic Programming
Week 1Ratio, Proportion, and ProgressionsBasic GrammarNumber Series, Symbol SeriesOperators, DataTypes, Loops & Control Structure
Week 2Percentages, Profit and LossSpotting ErrorsVerbal Classification, Essential PartLoops & Control Structure, Functions
Week 3Sets, Functions, and Seating ArrangementsCompleting StatementsAnalogies, Verbal Classification, Essential PartStorage Classes, Structures, Union, Enum
Week 4Permutations, Combinations, and ProbabilityVerbal AnalogiesMaking Judgements, Logical ProblemsArrays, Strings
Week 5Time, Speed, Distance, and WorkSynonymsStatement and Assumption, Statement and ConclusionPointers, Advanced Pointers
Week 6Number system, Equations, LCM and HCFAntonymsCause and EffectAnalysis of Algorithms, Searching, Sorting
Week 7Plane geometry, Areas and MensurationOne Word SubstitutesRevision of all above topicsOOPs, Miscellaneous
Week 8Coding, Age Problems, Truth and Lie based puzzlesRevision of all above topicsRevision of all above topicsRevision of all above topics

Course Home Page

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