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string.punctuation in Python

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2019

In Python3, string.punctuation is a pre-initialized string used as string constant. In Python, string.punctuation will give the all sets of punctuation.

Syntax : string.punctuation

Parameters : Doesn’t take any parameter, since it’s not a function.

Returns : Return all sets of punctuation.

Note : Make sure to import string library function inorder to use string.punctuation

Code #1 :

# import string library function 
import string 
# Storing the sets of punctuation in variable result 
result = string.punctuation 
# Printing the punctuation values 

Output :

!"#$%&'()*+, -./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~

Code #2 : Given code tests for punctuation.

# import string library function 
import string 
# An input string.
Sentence = "Hey, Geeks !, How are you?"
for i in Sentence:
    # checking whether the char is punctuation.
    if i in string.punctuation:
        # Printing the punctuation values 
        print("Punctuation: " + i)


Punctuation: !
Punctuation: ?
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