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Standard Chartered Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship NIT Jalandhar

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  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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Eligibility Criteria: Open for all branches of B.Tech with a minimum of CGPA 7.00. There were a total of 6 rounds for Standard Chartered.

ROUND 1 Strength Test (11 August 2020): First-round is not going to be used for evaluation. It is just to know your viewpoint in different situations. It was based on human values and ethics, where we had to prioritize our answers based on the situation given. We were given 5 options that we had to arrange according to our preferences. There were no right or wrong answers.

ROUND 2 Logical Reasoning test (11 August 2020): The second round was Logical Reasoning which is an elimination round in which there was 12 question and for each question, we had a time limit of 75 seconds. This round was really easy but too tricky because of the timer on each question and if in the starting 10 seconds we recognized the pattern, then we can easily pick the correct option from the pool of 16-24 options. There was a cut-off of 40 for the next round, and people who qualified were sent an e-mail with a link to continue with the process. (Test Duration 25 min).

ROUND 3 Numerical test (11 August 2020): The third round was Numerical Reasoning. The questions were in a pair of 3 in which a table/bank statement was given and 3 questions were based on that. The questions were purely based on calculations and semi-subjective. You are expected to use a calculator for the calculation part. The time given for the 1st question was 90 seconds and for the rest 2 questions, 75 seconds each. Those students who have received their selection mail are eligible for the next round.

After this round, about 86 students shortlisted.

ROUND 4 Coding test (13 August 2020): The fourth round was an online coding test. Two questions were there in the coding round, out of which one question of 30 minutes and the other of 60 minutes and both of 100 marks each.

 The first problem is to find a character with a maximum frequency in the string (if there are more than that one characters that answer is one with lower ASCII value). I think we have to give an optimized solution otherwise it will not accept our solution (Try not to user endl after output otherwise it would not work and we only have one attempt to submit our code ).

Second problem: Mobile Numeric Keypad Problem

18 students were shortlisted for interviews.

ROUND 4 Interview I (21 August 2020): The interviewer first went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. After my introduction, he asked me about my projects mentioned in the resume. In the introduction itself, I told him that I have previously worked on DBMS and explained that project. He then asked me 2 questions based on my project. He then asked me some questions from OOPS and CN. I was then asked 1 simple CP problem and to write its code on paper (entire code not just the algorithm). The interviewer also asked situation-based problems (If your friend who is working with you in some project made a serious mistake and your Project manage came and asked you who had made that mistake than what will you do …) 

ROUND 5 Interview II (21 August 2020): In this round interviewer basically asked my project in detail and also asked about various technologies used in that project. (This round basically last for 5-10 min)

ROUND 6 Final round (21 August 2020): Finally, we got a telephonic call where are asked about family background, location of the intern, any interest in Startups (basically they don’t want students who they hire also work with startups side by side), etc. Finally, They have confirmed that you are selected for Internship.

Finally, 6 students were selected for the internship.

Mention only those skills which you are confident about and be honest with your answers in the interview.

Verdict – Selected  

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