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Standard Chartered visited NIT Hamirpur on 21st August for FTE as well as internship and the selection procedure consisted a total of 7 Rounds – 4 Online Test Rounds & 3 Interview Rounds, which underwent for 5 days.

Eligibility Criteria: Open for all branches of B.Tech with a minimum CGPA of 7.00 & no past Backlogs.

ROUND 1 Behaviour Test (21 August 2020): It was not an elimination round. This round was basically a test of your personality, given a situation. In this, you had to drag answers from most likely to most unlikely. It was just a perception based test consisting of 18 questions to test your team management, problem handling, situation handling skills, and how well you’ll behave in a particular situation. This round came with no time limit restrictions.

ROUND 2 Logical Reasoning test (21 August 2020): This round was based on Logical Reasoning & it was an elimination round consisting of a total of 12 questions and for each question, there was a time limit of 75 seconds. This round was really easy but a little tricky because of the time limit for each question. It consisted of pattern-based questions & we had to pick the correct option from the pool of 16-24 options. There was a cut-off of 40 percentiles to be eligible for the next round, and those who qualified this round were sent an e-mail with a link for the next round along with the report card giving details of your performance in the current round.

ROUND 3 Numerical Reasoning test (21 August 2020): This round consisted of questions based on Numerical Reasoning. We were given tabular data or bank statement and then there were 3 questions based on that data such as to find the average, variance, etc. This round was calculation-based and semi-subjective. For the first question, 90 seconds were allotted and for the rest 2 questions, 75 seconds each. It was a relatively tough round and the time constraints added more complexity to this round. Don’t forget to keep a calculator aside for you for this round. 

After this round, the students who scored less than 40% got a rejection mail firstly. But afterward, they selected all those who scored more than 35%. So, don’t lose hope, sometimes miracles do happen !!

ROUND 4 Coding test (22 August 2020): This round was an online coding test on Techgig, the most challenging thing about which was that we can only submit the answer once, so be cautious and be doubly sure while submitting the answer. However, you can compile as many times as you want to. There were 2 questions in this round. For the first question, 30 minutes were given and for the other one, there were 60 minutes and both were 100 marks each.

The first problem was a simple problem where we had to find the total number of matches played in a knockout match for the given number of teams. The second question was a difficult one based on dynamic programming with bit masking similar to this one in which we had to find the maximum subset-sum such that no two elements in the set have the same digits in them.

27 Candidates were shortlisted and 5 students were waitlisted after this round.

ROUND 5 Technical Interview I (24 August 2020): The interviewer first went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. After my introduction, he asked me about my experience in detail mentioned in the resume. In the introduction itself, I told him that I have previously worked as a web developer as well as an android developer intern. I was asked to explain in detail the projects I worked on there and a few more questions followed by, regarding the software and tech stack involved. Then I was asked to explain my projects. Then, the interviewer asked me the reason to join a finance firm rather than a core field company for which I stated certain instances to him to prove that. After that, I was asked some situation-based problems (If you are the Team Lead, and your team fails to complete the project by the given deadline, how will you handle the situation and make things work….) 

8 Candidates were shortlisted after this round.

ROUND 6 Technical Interview II (25 August 2020): In this round interviewer wanted to know the tech stacks I am well worsed with, how much experience I am in them, and on which more tech stacks I would like to work in the future. It was a friendly round that lasted for 15-20 mins and he also told me about the various projects undergoing in the company along with the varied tech stacks being used in them.

ROUND 7 HR Interview (25 August 2020): It was a telephonic round that involved basic questions about family details, my current location, review of the previous interview rounds, etc. 

Finally, 7 students were selected for the internship.


  1. Be prepared with a smart question to ask from the interviewer at the end of every round.
  2. Mention only those skills in your resume which you are confident about and be honest with your answers in the interview. 
  3. Try to gain some hands-on experience in whichever tech stacks you’re comfortable in, with startups especially (there you get to learn a lot), paid or unpaid whatsoever, Internship experience adds a lot of weight to your resume.

Verdict: Selected  

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