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Standard Chartered Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019

Standard Chartered Internship Experience (On-Campus)
College- Thapar University
Eligibility Criteria: Open for all branches of BTech(except mechanical and civil) and 4th-year IDD.

There were a total of 6 rounds for Standard Chartered.

The first three rounds were held on 14th October, followed by a coding test on 15th October and finally, GD and Interviews were conducted on 21st October.

First round: This was fundamental, and it was based on human values and ethics, where we had to prioritize our answers based on the situation given. We were given 5 options that we had to arrange according to our preferences. There were no right or wrong answers.

Second round: This was Logical Reasoning, in which there were 12 questions, and for each question, we had a time limit of 75 seconds. There was a cut-off of 40 for the next round, and people who qualified were sent an e-mail with a link to continue with the process. The rest were sent back.

Third round: This was Numerical Reasoning, which I believe was the most challenging round. The questions were in a pair of 3 in which a table/bank statement was given and 3 questions were based on that. The questions were purely based on calculations and semi-subjective. The time given for the 1st question was 90 seconds and for the rest 2 questions, 75 seconds each.

After this three-round 73 students were called for the next round.

Fourth round: This was an online coding test that had 3 sections MCQ, SQL, and a coding problem. The level of MCQs was easy to moderate, and most of the questions were based on looping, but the time given was precise. I was not able to write the SQL query (it was a simple join query). The third section was a simple CP problem where we were asked to valid the ipv4 address with some conditions.

After this round out of 73 students, around 53 students were shortlisted for GD.

We were divided into groups of around 13 and given a case in which we had to discuss whether Standard Chartered should continue its relationship with a firm in Bangladesh based on some reports. There were in total 4 kinds of reports distributed among 13 students. We were given 5 mins to read the report, write some points on a piece of paper and then put our views according to the report given to us.

After this round out of 53 students, 22 were shortlisted for interviews.

The interviewer first went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. After my introduction. In the introduction itself, I told her that I have Strong command on DSA and OOPS. She then asked me some questions from OOPS, and her main focus on my DSA part, I answered all the questions confidently. I was then asked 1 simple CP problem and to write it’s code on paper (entire code not just the algorithm). No HR questions were asked from me.

Finally,  10 students were selected for the internship.

Tip – Mention only those skills which you are confident about and be honest with your answers in the interview.

Verdict – Selected

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