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SSC MTS Syllabus 2023: Exam Pattern , PDF Download

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SSC MTS Syllabus 2023: Understanding the SSC MTS Syllabus is a key to success for aspiring Candidates who are appearing for SSC MTS in 2023. The Staff Selection Commission releases the syllabus on its official website every year. Candidates must understand the SSC MTS 2023 Syllabus as well as the Exam Pattern to boost the preparation strategy. The SSC MTS Syllabus consists of 4 sections including Reasoning Ability, Numerical Aptitude, English Language and General Awareness.

In this article, we will be covering SSC MTS Syllabus and Exam Pattern for the year 2023, SSC MTS Syllabus PDF Download (English and Hindi), SSC MTS Syllabus 2024 (Expected Changes), SSC MTS Exam Pattern 2023 (Pater I and Paper II), Previous year question paper and more in detail.

Let’s get a closer look at SSC MTS Syllabus and Exam Pattern –

SSC MTS Syllabus 2023: Exam Pattern , PDF Download

SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 – Overview

To Understand SSC MTS 2023 Syllabus, it is extremely Important to get a fair idea about exam Pattern and weightage of topics etc. If you are preparing for SSC MTS Exam, then Please go through the article patiently and get a Broder Idea about SSC MTS syllabus, Exam Pattern as well as Previous year Questions.

Let’s have a look at the SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 in the below section.

SSC MTS Syllabus 2023



Staff Selection Commission

Post Name

SSC Multi Tasking Staff

Negative Marking

Session 1 – No Negative Marking

Session 2 – Yes ( 1 Mark)

Number of Questions


Maximum Marks


Major Subjects of SSC MTS

English Language & Comprehension

Reasoning Ability & Problem Solving

Numerical and Mathematical Ability

General Awareness

Mode of Examination


Selection Process

Computer Based Test

Physical Efficiency Test/ Physical Standard Test (Only for Specific Post)

Official Website

SSC MTS Paper 1 Exam Pattern (Revised)

Apart from knowing the SSC MTS syllabus, it is equally important to be familiar with the exam pattern. The exam pattern of SSC MTS Paper 1 has been revised for the year 2023. Candidates can find the new exam pattern tabulated below:

  • Computer-Based Examination will be conducted in two sessions.
  • Both sessions are mandatory to attempt. Skipping any session will disqualify the candidate.
  • There is no negative marking in session 1, where 1 mark for the wrong answer will be deducted in session 2.


Number of Questions



Session – 1

Numerical and Mathematical Ability



45 Minutes

Reasoning Ability and Problem-Solving






Session – 2

General Awareness



45 Minutes

English Language and Comprehension






SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 (Paper 1)

The Staff Selection Commission conducts the Multi-Tasking Staff exam in two phases i.e. papers 1 and 2. The subject-wise SSC MTS syllabus for papers 1 and 2 has been elaborated here. Go through the SSC MTS syllabus 2023, take note of it, and plan your exam preparation. SSC MTS Paper 1 Syllabus consists of 4 sections: Reasoning Ability, Numerical Aptitude, English Language, and General Awareness.

SSC MTS Syllabus for Reasoning Ability

The SSC MTS syllabus for reasoning ability and problem-solving consists of the following topics:

  • Number System
  • LCM & HCF
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Ratio & Proportions
  • Time & Work
  • Average
  • SI (Simple Interest)
  • Profit & Loss
  • Discount
  • Area & Perimeter
  • Data Interpretation
  • Lines & Angles
  • Square & Square Roots
  • Time & Distance

SSC MTS Syllabus for Numerical Aptitude

Here is the list of topics from which aspirants can find most of the questions from the SSC MTS Syllabus, especially in the Numerical Aptitude section:

  • Coding & Decoding
  • Analogy
  • Directions
  • Similarities and Difference
  • Alpha-Numeric Series
  • Questions based on age, calendar, clock, and many more
  • Problem-solving and analysis.

SSC MTS General Awareness Syllabus

SSC MTS General Awareness Syllabus is considered one of the most difficult subjects due to its vastness. However, the maximum number of questions from SSC MTS Syllabus are the following major subjects.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Polity
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Economic
  • Art & Culture
  • Indian Constitution
  • Research
  • Static General Knowledge

Steps to Download the SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 PDF (English)

The step-by-step procedure to download the SSC MTS syllabus PDF (English) has been outlined here. Follow the steps to easily download the official syllabus PDF.

  • Visit the official SSC official website.
  • On the homepage, under the candidates corners you will find the “syllabus” button. Click on it.
  • You will be redirected to another page. On the page look for the Multi-Tasking Staff link.
  • Click on the link and the SSC MTS syllabus will open in a new window.
  • At the top right corner, you can locate the download icon. Click on it and save it.
  • SSC MTS Syllabus Pdf

Best Books According to SSC MTS Syllabus

The SSC MTS syllabus preparation becomes easy when you have a good collection of books. However, selection of a good book for syllabus preparation turns out to be troublesome. Because most of the candidates find a list of books on the internet where you can find a huge list for the exam. Here are some highly recommended books of faculties to prepare SSC MTS syllabus.


Authors / Publisher


McGraw Hill

Numerical Aptitude

Arun Sharma

General Intelligence & Reasoning

R.S. Aggarwal

SSC MTS Syllabus 2024 (Expected Changes)

SSC MTS Syllabus for 2024 is expected to have slight changes. The aspirants Candidates who are going to appear for the exam in 2024 they can rely on the syllabus of SSC MTS 2023 because there will not be major modification as per official notification .

How to Prepare SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 (Strategy)

The SSC MTS Syllabus seems huge at a glance, but if the right approach is incorporated and consistent practice of the syllabus is performed the exam becomes easy. Here are some tips to prepare for the SSC MTS syllabus effectively.

  • Divide the syllabus into small fragments.
  • Accordingly, make a routine and follow the plan.
  • Make your short notes from day 1 of your preparation.
  • Practice as many questions as possible.
  • Refer to the previous year question paper to understand the difficulty and various types of questions.
  • Regularly revise the SSC MTS syllabus to strengthen your prep.

SSC MTS Syllabus in Hindi

सामान्य तर्क और बुद्धिमत्ता

  • फिर, भेदभावपूर्ण अवलोकन
  • अंकगणितीय संगणना
  • विश्लेषणात्मक कार्य
  • चित्र वर्गीकरण
  • साथ ही, निर्णय लेना
  • फिर, दृश्य स्मृति
  • प्रतीक और उनका संबंध
  • अंकगणितीय संख्या श्रृंखला तब,
  • निर्णय, विश्लेषण
  • समस्या को सुलझाना
  • फिर, समानताएं और अंतर अन्य
  • गैर-मौखिक श्रृंखला
  • रिश्ते की अवधारणा
  • अंतरिक्ष दृश्य भी,

न्यूमेरिकल एप्टीट्यूड

  • संख्याओं के बीच संबंध
  • संख्या प्रणाली
  • दशमलव और भिन्न
  • टेबल्स और रेखांकन
  • समय और कार्य
  • अनुपात और समय
  • पूर्ण संख्याओं की गणना
  • फिर, प्रतिशत
  • फिर, लाभ, हानि और छूट
  • त्रिकोणमिति
  • क्षेत्रमिति भी, मौलिक अंकगणितीय संचालन
  • फिर, औसत छूट
  • अनुपात और अनुपात
  • समय और दूरी
  • फिर, पूर्ण संख्या
  • समय, दूरी और गति
  • ब्याज भी, लाभ और हानि
  • मिश्रण और गठबंधन संख्या श्रृंखला
  • एचसीएफ और एलसीएम इसके अलावा, एसआई और सीआई

अंग्रेजी भाषा

  • समानार्थी भी,
  • शब्दावली व्याकरण
  • फिर, लेखन क्षमता अंग्रेजी भाषा की मूल बातें
  • समानार्थी और विलोम का सही उपयोग
  • वाक्य की बनावट
  • विलोम शब्द
  • फिर, वर्तनी त्रुटि एक शब्द प्रतिस्थापन
  • वाक्य सुधार
  • फिर, रीडिंग कॉम्प्रिहेंशन
  • अन्य
  • साथ ही, रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्ति करें
  • सामान्य जागरूकता


  • सामान्य राजनीति जिसमें भारतीय संविधान शामिल है
  • इसके अलावा, पर्यावरण
  • वर्तमान घटनाएं
  • इतिहास संस्कृति
  • फिर, भूगोल
  • वैज्ञानिक अनुसंधान
  • खेल भी, भारतीय संस्कृति
  • फिर, जीवविज्ञान
  • रसायन शास्त्र
  • संगणक
  • भौतिक विज्ञान
  • अर्थशास्त्र
  • भूगोल
  • अंत में, इतिहास
  • राजनीति

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SSC MTS Syllabus 2023 – FAQs

What is the SSC MTS syllabus 2023?

The SSC MTS syllabus majorly comprises the four major subjects. The subjects are English, Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, and General Awareness.

How much time is needed to learn the complete SSC MTS syllabus?

It is difficult to mention the exact time to complete the SSC MTS syllabus. However, 4 to 5 hours of daily study is sufficient for a candidate with a good understanding of basics.

What is the SSC MTS syllabus of Paper 1?

The paper 1 is concluded into two sessions. The SSC MTS syllabus for paper 1 consists of questions from English, Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, and General Awareness.

Is there any negative marking in the SSC MTS exam?

Yes, the SSC MTS exam has negative marking . For every wrong answer 1 marks will be deducted in session 2, and no negative marking for session 1. Therefore, applicants must be sure while marking answers.

Which books should I refer to learn the SSC MTS syllabus for GK?

Aspirants can learn the static GK from the lucent publications books. Whereas for learning current affairs refer to daily newspapers.

Where can I download the SSC MTS syllabus PDF?

Candidates can download the SSC MTS syllabus from the direct link provided here in this article. Aspirants can also find the syllabus on the official website.

What is the SSC MTS exam pattern?

The SSC MTS exam pattern consists of paper 1 and paper 2. The paper 1 has a total of 40 questions carrying 120 marks whereas the paper 2 carries 150 marks.

What are the subjects in the SSC MTS syllabus?

The SSC MTS syllabus consists of English, Numerical Aptitude, General Awareness, General Intelligence and Reasoning subjects.

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2024
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