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SQL Query to Print Name of Distinct Employee Whose DOB is Between a Given Range

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Query in SQL is like a statement that performs a task. Here, we need to write a query that will print the name of the distinct employee whose DOB is in the given range.

We will first create a database named “geeks” then we will create a table “department” in that database.

Creating a Database :

Use the below SQL statement to create a database called geeks:


Using Database :

USE geeks;

Table Definition:

We have the following department table in our geeks database :

CREATE TABLE department(
    ID int,
    NAME Varchar(20),
    Gender Varchar(5),
    DateOfBirth Date);

You can use the below statement to query the description of the created table:

EXEC sp_columns department;

Adding Data to Table:

The date data type uses the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD‘. Use the below statement to add data to the department table:

INSERT INTO department VALUES (1,'Neha','F','1994-06-03');
INSERT INTO department VALUES (2,'Harsh','M','1996-03-12');
INSERT INTO department VALUES (3,'Harsh','M','1995-05-01');
INSERT INTO department VALUES (4,'Rupali','F',1996-11-11');
INSERT INTO department VALUES (5,'Rohan','M','1992-03-08');

To verify the contents of the table use the below statement:

SELECT * FROM department

Here, we will assume the DOB range to be from 1995-01-01 to 1996-12-31.


Now we will use the below syntax to query for the name of the Distinct Employee whose DOB is between a given range:

SELECT DISTINCT column_name1 FROM table_name 
WHERE column_name2 between value1 and value2;

So the query for our table goes as shown below:

WHERE DateOfBirth between '1995-01-01' and '1996-12-31';


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Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2021
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