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Sopra Steria Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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Round 1: Test Duration: 2 hours

  • The first round comprised of 100 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, output questions, statistics, and technical portions.
  • Only 20 technical questions were there and were not so difficult. But probability, statistics, correlation, and geometry were also asked which was quite difficult.

Suggestion: Attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking. Take your time because 2 hours are enough for completing 100 questions.

Only 50 students were selected for the next round of 300.

Round 2 (Technical Interview Round): 

  • Discussion from Introduction started, then he paused me in between and asked about my certificate and asked a general scenario question about it. 
  • Then he asked about my projects and related questions was asked.
  • There was no coding and OOPs questions for me, but was asked by other students.
  • Only general sorting, array, and searching questions in coding and general OOPs concept with real-life examples. 
  • The interviewer was from a cloud background, so he tried to divert the interview to a cloud topic, but I politely refused.
  •  It was a smooth process. The interviewer was so kind and warm.

Tips: Be confident and calm even if you don’t know politely refuse. Do not go into topics that you don’t know.

Round 3 (HR Round):

  • Basic questions were asked.
  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What is your weakness?
  • Little discussions over my hobbies.
  • A little background about my family.
  • Perfection and late or good and on time.
  • What are your future plans related to further studies?
  • Are you comfortable with relocating?
  • Are you comfortable with bonds?

Tips:  Be calm & answer politely. The interviewer will only test your behavior. 

Only 36 students were selected after the final round. I was one of them. It was my very first interview. The company conducts the whole drive in only one day, so you have to wait till the final results are declared.

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