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Sonetel Interview Experience | Set 1 (Telephonic Round)
  • Last Updated : 22 May, 2018

Round 1 : Telephonic Round
1.  SIP registration
2.  SIP call b/w user-agent A to user-agent B
3.  What is dialogue, transaction, session
4. What does dialogue contain ?
5. SIP call b/w user-agent A to user-agent B what if ACK is not sent
6. SIP call b/w user-agent A to user-agent B, what is 100 trying is not sent?
7. What is TCP/UDP ?
8. If invite is sent using UDP what if invite not sent to otherside due to some n/w issue ?
9. What is makefile ? how we use it ? how to write a make file ? commands
10. What is GDB ? how to use it ? if program crashed in some thread, how do we know it using gdb ? debug a multi threaded application ?
11. What is valgrind ? how it will find memory leaks ? how do we know to free a particular memory using valgrind ?
12. Memory layers of c ?
13. Copy constructors ? what is use of it ?
14. What is shallow copy and deep copy ?
15. What is virtual destructor ?
16. What explict keyword, mutable, ?
17. What is smart pointer ?
18. What is structure padding ?
19. What is friend function ? are private members accessible in friend function ?

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