Software Process Customization and Improvement

Software Process, also known as Software Development Process or Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is simply dividing the software process into a set of activities or phases that lead to the production or development of software. These activities include designing, implementing, modifying, testing, maintaining, etc.

These sets of activities are performed for improving the design, management of the project. Software process customization and improvement are also some techniques or activities that are performed to improve the overall development process.

Let us understand both of these techniques:

Software Process Customization Software Process Improvement
It is a process of designing, developing, deploying and even maintaining a software for a specific set of users. It is simple defined as the definitions of sequence of various tasks, tools, and techniques that are needed to performed to plan and just implement all the improvement activities.
It includes three main factors: People, Product and Process . It includes three factors: People, Technology and Product.
It also includes application customization, application modernization and application management. It also includes improve planning, implementation, evaluation
It is very expensive, requires detailed planning and is time consuming. It reduces the cost, increases development speed by installing tools that reduces the time and word done by humans or to automate the production process.
It increases the level of productivity. It increases product quality.
It is created to fulfill user’s requirements. It is created to achieve the specific goals such as increasing the development speed, achieving the higher product quality and many more.
It is created by in-house development teams or third-party. It mproves team performance by hiring best people

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