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Societe General Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2018

Societe general came for campus placements in our college. From among 200 students of CS, IT, ECE, EE branches they shortlisted 60 students. 

Round 1: Online Test

It consisted of technical ques based on oops, dbms, os etc and aptitude ques with one rc passage. Test is of moderate level.

Round 2: Group Discussion

Next round was gd. They divided students into groups of 9-10 people. Topic given was ethical hacking in banking.I spoke well and was among the 23 students who cleared gd. Speaking at start and concluding gd is most essential part to clear it easily.

Round 3: 1st Technical interview

Interviewer asked me about my projects in depth, then he started asking me about dbms, sql queries.

Round 4: HR round

In this, he asked about location constraint, family and started asking some puzzles and common hr ques.

I was rejected after this round because i was from ECE background and they needed CS/IT guys.

They selected 6 CS/IT guys and didn’t pay any attention to other streams.

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