Soak Testing

Soak Testing is a type of software testing in which system is tested under huge load over a continuous availability period to check the behavior of the system under production use.
Soak Testing tests that system can withstand a huge volume of the load for an extended period of time.

This testing is performed at the system level to find whether the system will stand up to a very high volume of usage or not. It also tests that what would happen outside the design expectations of the system.

Objective of Soak Testing:
The objective of Soak Testing is to:

  • To check the system behavior under heavy load for long time.
  • To predict the failure caused by the heavy load.
  • To test the performance of the system.
  • To make the system reliable and stable.

Failures detected by Soak Testing:
The failures or issues detected by the Soak Testing are:

  • Memory Leaks:
    Soak testing detects the serious memory leaks which can cause application crash or lead up to the crash of operating system.
  • Layer Connections Failure:
    Soak testing finds the failure of close connections between the layers of the system that can interrupt the modules of the system.
  • Database Connections Failure:
    Soak testing detects the failure of close database connections under some conditions that may crash the complete system.
  • Response Time Degradation:
    Soak testing finds the degradation of response time of the system as the system becomes less efficient and takes more time to response.

Soak Testing Graphical Representation:

Advantages of Soak Testing:
The advantages of Soak Testing are:

  • Soak Testing improves the performance of the system.
  • Soak Testing increases the resistance of the system.
  • Soak Testing makes the system work under heavy load.
  • It improves the behavior of the system under the heavy load for long time.

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