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Sleep mode vs Hibernate mode in Computer

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As we know, it is a bit difficult to shut down the computer all the time when we are on important work. It is necessary the save the work all the time if we prefer shutting down the computer. In such situations sleep mode and hibernate places a key role to return to the work which was not saved.


  • RAM status: When the computer is turned into sleep mode, it saves the current context in the RAM and it makes sure that the RAM is on. So it consumes less power to keep the RAM powered on. It takes less time (two seconds) to on the system by simply pressing power button and we return to the unsaved work.
  • Time Duration: Sleep mode is useful if you want to stop working for a short period of time.


  • RAM status: Hibernate is similar to shutting down the computer. It saves the context in the hard drive and as soon as the computer is on, it loads the data from hard drive to the RAM and so it takes more time than sleep but less than the time taken to on the computer when it was shutdown. It do not consume any power because there is no need to power on the RAM.
  • Time duration: Prefer using this mode if you won’t be using your system for an extended period of time. The settings can be changed in the system, such that the system turns into Hibernate mode or sleep mode when the power button is pressed. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change what the power button do -> and change when I press the power button and when I close the lid to hibernate or sleep according to your wish. sleep vs hibernate

How to Wake Your Computer from Sleep or Hibernation

Difference between Sleep Mode and Hibernate Mode

 Sleep ModeHibernate Mode
1.It’s power usage is low but not zero.It’s power usage is zero.
2.It’s resumption is instant.It’s resumption is slow.
3.Ideal choice for short period of time.Ideal choice when the system is idle for a long period of time.
4.The process is saved in RAM Memory.The process is saved in hard disk.
5.Wakeup time  for Sleep Mode is less than 15 uS.Wakeup Time for Hibernate Mode is 100uS.

Computers can mostly be woken up by pressing the power button, press a key on the keyboard, click a mouse button, or lift the laptop’s lid.

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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