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Should I join a mass recruiter or a startup?

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A Startup as the name suggests, is a young company that is just beginning to develop and usually small in size and have bare minimum finances. These companies generally offer a product or service that is not currently being offered elsewhere in the market, means based on new ideas or that the founders believe is being offered in an inferior manner till now in the market. Startups are operated by a handful of founders or one individual. Working in a startup environment offers to ample work, huge learning, great experience and might not be good initially for a handsome salary. Starting a career at a Tech Startup can give you a massive exposure to learning.

Companies like Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services or other MNCs on the other hand, do mass recruitment frequently from various colleges usually, IT-Services based Multinational Companies. The work in these companies is usually service based and needs a decent level of aptitude by an engineer. In most of the job profiles, neither the job expectation nor salaries are very high in these workplaces.
There are some benefits and drawbacks in working with these Startups or MNCs. Some people like to work with Startups and some of the them like to work with MNCs.

Seeing the pros and cons side by side as follows:

Mass recruiters Startups
In mass recruiters like Wipro, Accenture, Infosys with just little knowledge and having good communication skills you can easily get into it. For the startups you need to have a thorough knowledge on almost both front end and back end of development.
In mass recruiters you will get training for several months and then will be given to work on projects according to your performance. For startups you will get just guidance on how to perform the work and you will get the least training.
In mass recruiters your working hours will somewhat be fixed. In Startups it wont be fixed.
Then again in mass recruiters most of the work will be monotonous. In Startups you will get to learn new things everyday all by yourself.
In mass recruiters the pay will be less than the pay in startups. In startups the pay will be higher than the pay in mass recruiters.
In mass recruiters, you may be stuck with the same technology for years. In startups you can explore other technologies as well.
In mass recruiters if you don’t perform well or there are less number of projects you might be put on bench (means on standby) and then they can fire you anytime. In startups you will have projects all the time.
In mass recruiters you will work with many people as a team and the credit might not be given to you for the work you did. In startups a module of the project is given to you so you would definitely get credit for all that you have done.
In mass recruiters, even people from other branches like mechanical, civil, electrical, instrumentation are hired so the work which is given to you can be done by people who don’t have the technical knowledge about the subject with mere training. In startups your self growth rate is exponential !! You have to work on all technical aspects and can be done by people who are specific about the stream.
The major drawback I see in MASS RECRUITERS is BOND. Even if you like your work or you don’t like it you would have to do the job or else you will have to pay lacs of money! For example an employee of a company had to commit suicide because he wasn’t either able to handle pressure given by the company nor was able to leave because it had 3 years bond for which on breakage of bond he needed to pay in lackhs. In startups you have options of changing various other technologies or leave doing so with some notice period.
The mass recruiters also do work on obsolete technologies. In startups you will be constantly updated with new technologies and will again get to learn new things.
The salary hike in mass recruiters is not much about 10%. After working in startups when you go to work with tech giants you will easily have greater hike in salaries about 40% each year.
In mass recruiters you don’t get to choose even the job location or the profile you want they are the ones who will randomly allot you !! For example before giving the offer letter they will make you sign a form in which its written that they can give you any location and any technology to work with irrespective of your preference. In startups you can atleast have your preferred location of work and you specific stream.

Most employees like to work with startup, but this is up to you. It is recommend to you if you are a fresher, in the early years of building your career put your focus more on learning rather than the pay, cause knowledge will take up further on the long run.

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018
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