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SHELL On-Campus Recruitment for SDE

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Round 1: Shell was on campus for recruitment for the post of SDE. The eligible branches were CSE and IT only. The first round had 700 students shortlisted from both the branches included. The first round was an online test for 1 and a half hours. It consisted of 3 sections: aptitude and logical reasoning, technical and coding. In the technical section there were 30 MCQ’s. It covered the concepts on DBMS, OS, Software engineering, DSA and data mining. Most of the questions were from DBMS and it is highly recommended to go through all the concepts and learn how to write queries. The coding section had 2 codes. The difficulty level of the codes were moderate and can be solved easily if you have a grasp on the concepts of coding. The last section was aptitude and logical reasoning. It covered all the aptitude questions from all chapters and solving RS Aggarwal can help you in this section easily.

After a week, 40 students were shortlisted from 700 students for the next round and I was one among them.

Round 2: This was the interview round. There were 8 panels operating from their Bangalore office. The interview was conducted on skype. It was a 1 hour 15 mins interview.

Each panel has 2 people and the interview was conducted for first technical and then HR. Prepare a good introductory speech for 2 mins on yourself. Try to say something which is not mentioned in your resume and make it interesting. Then, they asked me about my skills and the technologies I have worked on. Next, they scan through your resume and ask you to walk through the most challenging project you have done in your life. Explain the project and basically what role were you working for on the project. Try to be honest, and focus on team work being the backbone for your project. The technical round will consist of questions purely from your resume(your projects, skills), so do not try to lie(As they make a note of everything you say to them). This was followed by questions on DBMS, Software engineering. For DBMS: Be thorough with the joins concepts, rDBMS concepts.

They try to test you on how well can you teach a lame person. I was told to explain the main parts of a computer system who doesn’t know what a computer is. Prepare for the challenges you faced during your projects, drawbacks of your projects. Then i was tested on the concepts of machine learning because I had it on my resume. Be sure to mention only what you know perfectly. Also if you are stuck at a question, it is ok to say you don’t know. They need people who are ready to learn and are quick learners. Next was the HR round, in which they give you some situation and ask you how would you react to that situation.

At the end of this round, 20 students were selected out of 40 for FTE and I was one of them 🙂 Hope this helps.

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Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2019
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