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Send PDF File through Email using pdf-mail module

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pdf_mail module is that library of Python which helps you to send pdf documents through your Gmail account.

Installing Library

This module does not come built-in with Python. You need to install it externally. To install this module type the below command in the terminal.
pip install pdf-mail

Function of pdf_mail

This module only comes with a single functionality of sending mail from one account to another. The function used to do the same is –
  • email_send():: It will send the pdf document from your Gmail account to another Gmail account .
Note :
  • It should be noted that the address_of_file must contain forward slash (/) .
  • You have to update the google account settings for sending a email . -> less secure apps -> Turn on access .
Below is the implementation.
# Importing sendpdf function  
# From pdf_mail Library   
from pdf_mail import sendpdf
# Taking input of following values
# ex-"" 
sender_email_address = input() 
# ex-"" 
receiver_email_address = input() 
# ex-" abcd1412" 
sendere_email_password = input()
# ex-"Heading of email"
subject_of_email = input()    
# ex-" Matter to be sent"
body_of_email = input()
# ex-"Name of file" 
filename = input()        
# ex-"C:/Users / Vasu Gupta/ "
location_of_file = input() 
# Create an object of sendpdf function 
k = sendpdf(sender_email_address, 
# sending an email


Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2020
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