Scholarship for 2nd year from Schneider Electric India

Schneider electric India is company of France and have lots of station across the world. This company is basically working on energy management and automation. Schneider provides scholarship to the student from financially poor background. This is the great opportunity for 2nd year students in technical course.

Step-1: Fill the form of scholarship. There is some criteria for eligibility. You must a student of any of these courses electrical, electronics, mechanical, electrical & electronics, computer-science, information-technology in bachelor or diploma course. You must have 70% marks in your first year and 65% in 10th and 12th.

Step-2: If you are shortlisted from the application then they will inform you for interview. This is very basic interview like why you need scholarship, what you want to do in your career etc. This will be an Skype interview.

Step-3:After qualifying the interview you will receive message from them and you will facilitated by 50000/- Rs. This benefit one can get upto final year from second year but should maintain some criteria like should have a percentage of 70 in each year.

link for application-

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