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Sapient global market Interview Experience

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1. Recruitment process
  • There was a written test which had four sections. Technical, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability.
  • Shortlisted candidate went for technical interview round at their office in gurgaon
  • Then further shortlisted candidate went for hr interview round
  • Those who got shortlisted after the hr round got the full time offer.


Written Test
  • Technical sections had questions from almost all the sections through AMCAT(C, C++, DBMS, DS, OS)(level :moderate)
  • Quantitative aptitude’s questions were good.. All were almost of R. S. Aggarwal level though few exceptions were there too
  • Logical reasoning and verbal ability was good.. Some questions were tough.
Technical interview
  • project discussion
  • asked me to write code of module written in project as my project was in c++
  • Linked List : find middle node, DLL data structure, Sort Linked List,count nodes,how to free linked list.
  • Polymorphosm,Virtual function,types of polymorphhism,
  • Testing,Black Box Testing,types of testing,difference between spiral model and incremental model.
  • Then they came up to global market questions ,For eg,sensex,Banks interest,RBI,Finance,Loans,Acoounts.(mad tho)
  • Puzzles,Train problem,Petrol Tank problem


HR(most difficuilt)
  • introduce yourself
  • How will you show that you are confident
  • leadership qualities
  • GK questions(again mad tho)
  • few testing based question.
  • Test cases
  • Hypothetical situations
  • why you Graduation marks are low?
  • Puzzles
  • They asked do you have any questions?i asked about work culture and relocation
  • they asked to tell two qualities of us(hr team)(confused)

Overall enjoyed. But not selected because of my less market knowledge.

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Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2014
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