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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 22 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
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Samsung R&D Bangalore visited our campus for internships.

There were 3 rounds in total.

Round 1 was MCQ round with 60 questions in 60 minutes. MCQs were from aptitude, logical and verbal sections with 20 questions each section. Questions were of good level with no negative marking.

Around 100 students were shortlisted from 250 after round 1.

Round 2 was coding round.We were given 3 questions to be solved in 75 minutes.
Question 1 : Given a matrix ,find number of rows which are sorted in either increasing or decreasing order.(3 marks).

Question 2 : Given a matrix representing which child likes which toy.
matrix[i][j]=1 represents that child i likes toy j. One child can get only 1 toy and one toy can be assigned to only 1 child.Find maximum number of children who can get the toy they wished..(5 marks ).

Question 3: Find last digit of ‘a raised to the power b’ (a^b) where a and b were large enough. (5 marks)
Only O(1) solution was accepted.

Around 40 students were shortlisted for round 3. Shortlisting was done on scores of both the previous rounds and CGPA.

Round 3
was GD round. After round 3, 24 students were offered internship.I was lucky enough to be one of them.

This article was contributed by Mukul Sachdeva

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