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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2019
Geek Week

Coding Question for Shortlisting:

Given a graph, find out if it can be colored using 2 colors. Different colors for alternate nodes (3 hours) people who passed all 10 test cases were shortlisted.

Note- You can compile your code as many number of times as you want, but a maximum of 5 submissions were allowed to test on the given test cases.

Interviews (On campus-Day1)

Round 1 (Technical around 50 mins):

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Went through my CV, asked me questions about my Experiences, Projects, Courses (specifically Networks).
3. Which language are you comfortable with, I said C++.
4. Wrote a few codes on run-time polymorphism and asked me to write the outputs.
e.g. virtual destructor, inheritance with virtual keyword.
5. Asked me what pure virtual classes are?
6. A few codes on pointers, asked me the outputs.
e.g. const pointers and pointers to const.
7. Asked me how I solved the coding round question- I said BFS, didnt ask about it any further.
8. Asked if I knew Dijkstra’s Algorithm, I said yes, asked if I could write the pseudo code- I wrote it fast, Asked to explain why Dijkstra’s algo fails when -ve weights are there in the graph.
9. Asked to write my own typedef operator- I used function template to write a generic function.
10. OOPS-
Critical Section, Mutex , Semaphores, Paging, Techniques to swap out pages (Least recently used, least frequently used).
11. Do you have any questions- I asked about ongoing projects, and R&D work.

Round 2 (HR 20 mins):

1. You have been to korea, tell me what you observed about their culture and Samsung in korea.
2. Asked a few questions about what I did since beginning of college, when my CPI started dipping and so on.
3. He draw an abstract figure and asked me what I thought the object was, continued to ask me to think of more and more objects many times. Grilled me each time I answered any object.
4. Why Samsung?
5. Any questions? – I asked about work life balance.
6. Congratulations.

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